Upcyling and Bridesmaids Robes and Bridesmaid Dresses

What is Upcycling?
Eco-friendly fashionistas should be well aware of a technique called “upcycling.” This process allows individuals to reuse their garments, rather than having these clothes thrown away and contribute to growing landfills. A great example is using a floral bridesmaid dresses again as a floral sundress or floral bridesmaids robes as a beach or pool cover up. One may see the word and confuse it with “recycling,” however, there’s a significant difference.

While both terms contribute to the environment, one can increase value of the material, and the other simply allows for another use cycle before getting sent to a landfill. As you may have guessed, Upcycling is the process that allows for potential value increase. A great example is Southwestern Airline’s partnership with Looptworks. The two have partnered together to convert worn down airplane seats into purses and bags. Ironically, they’ve named this the “In-Flight Collection.” A prime example of “recycling” is converting junk mail into another paper material. Typically recycling allows for reuse of a material as the same product, like mail, newspapers, etc. Upcycling reuses material, however, such isn’t made into the same product again. While some Plum Pretty Sugar pieces don't currently use upcycled material, other garments, like their bridal party pjs, can be reused time after time.

When Did Upcycling Start?
Though there is evidence that upcycling has been around since the late 20th century, the procedure has become more apparent now. Upcycling, or “creative reuse,” was first introduced by Author Gunti Pauli in 1998. Later, the concept was pursued by  William McDonough and Michael Braungart in their 2002 book Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things. With the concept being introduced to the fashion world, the authors went on about how efforts can be made to prevent wasting still-useful materials. With this idea at hand, upcycling began.

Why Upcycle?
Many often throw away perfectly good clothing, whether it doesn’t fit anymore or for whatever reason. Unfortunately, too many individuals are throwing away garments, which contributes to an overflow of clothing in our landfills. Fast fashion, textiles, baby clothes and many other garments are thrown away before giving them the chance to be upcycled. By upcycling, we not only take a step toward a better future for our environment, but allow garments the opportunity to be recreated into something of better quality.

How Can We Upcycle?
Plum Pretty Sugar is well aware of this situation and is pursuing the best options possible for our planet. The following are several ways Plum Pretty Sugar strives to upcycle and protect the environment:
  • Donate unwanted clothing to their partner, ThredUp, for the chance to be creatively reused,
  • Recycle overstocked items to their anti-domestic violence partners,
  • Create timeless slow fashion clothing with quality that will last greater than fast fashion items; and
  • Produce garments using minimal water waste and eco-friendly tactics.

By understanding the problem, the Plum Pretty Sugar plans to pursue more and many options to help minimize the effect. This includes creating pieces that can be worn over and over again like our classic bridesmaid dresses. Other versatile pieces like our bridesmaid robes or bridal party pjs can be worn for every occasion (even if it’s just for those lazy days at home!).

Creative reuse is a great alternative to just throwing away perfectly good clothing. For more information, check out our Environmental & Sustainability mission.


Cute Bridal Robes

We get asked often about cute bridal robes and our favorite selects. Around here, favorites tend to change often... we go phases of what we love until we discover a new fresh mix.

Cute bridal robes these days are our Hibiscus bridal robes. They're super fresh to mix with each other as a floral bridesmaids robes mix or wear individually. The trim really sets them apart as far as a unique look for a boho wedding, beach wedding or destination wedding.


Cute bridal robes right now for us are also flutter robes and especially in The Bee Side. The Bee Side Flutter robe is completely versatile and goes to beach or pool coverup for honeymoon or any vacation outfit after its bridal robe appearance. The delicate ruffle is equal parts feminine and flirty and also bridal.

We'll keep you updates as our favorite cute bridal robes selects change. For now, shop these below!

Shop Hibiscus Bridal Robes and all our cute bridal robes here!

Shop Flutter robes and white bridal robes here!

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Maternity Pajamas Get Pretty

We love empowering women and adding style to their everyday life. Not just for wedding day prep or honeymoon, our floral robes and floral pajamas but can also be worn over and over again. This even includes our pieces as maternity pajamas or clothing

The Shortie Set in Glass Souls
Our bridesmaid pajama sets are a perfect example of adding versatility to your wardrobe. Our bridesmaid pajamas are beautifully high-quality, they'll last all throughout your honeymoon and even throughout the process of pregnancy. And you know, you can wear one of our floral robes no matter what the occasion!

The Long Sleeve PJ Set in Queens & Thieves
Our maternity pajamas have a relaxed yet chic fit that allow for a preganancy bump. Our robes may serve as a stylish alternative to a maternity robe or nursing robe, as well. When it comes to giving birth, many women (and their significant others) often prepare for experience ahead of time. Some things to bring to your labor and delivery room are:

  • a comfy nightgown or robe
  • slippers
  • several pairs of socks
  • loose pajamas; and
  • your toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, scrunchies, baby wipes, etc)

The Midi Robe in Queens & Thieves

Lastly, our Midi Robes are a perfect match for your bridesmaid pjs, or even as a maternity robe. When lounging around at home or the hospital, we recommend wearing something cozy and non-restricting, like our cute floral robes. Whether you're getting ready with your girls, or need something to relax in for maternity, our robes have got you covered.

Shop maternity here!

Shop all maternity pajamas here!

Shop all maternity robes here!

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New White Bridal Robe!

More new arrivals!

Our Honor robe in Breeze is the prettiest white bridal robe. It's a new add to our collection of wedding robes and bride to be robes.

On luxe rayon with stunning 3D florals and hand embroidered edging, this new bridal robe is also fully lined and and versatile as a beach or pool cover up as a honeymoon outfit or a maternity robe long after the wedding. We also really love thinking about this bridal robe as a pretty heirloom to be passed down from one generation to the next.  

We suggest mixing and matching Honor as a bridal robe with bridal party robes that are both solids as well as floral robes. It adds a beautiful bride to be robe touch and a bridal robe layer that is chic and fresh. It's a stunning bridal shower gift and a bridal robe that will be long remembered.

The honor bridal robe in Breeze is also a sister to our Honor dress... both are from the same stunning hand embroidered fabric. 

Shop Honor here!

Shop all white bridal robes robes here!

Shop mix and match bridesmaid robes to integrate the Honor bridal robe with here!

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New Boho Bridesmaid Robes

We're excited to launch two new hibiscus robes or floral robes in a new midi length fringe robe style. We love this new floral robe silhouette for cute bridesmaids robes or bridal robes as well as for a beach or pool cover up.

We crafted two of our floral robe prints, Tang Bang and Life in Photographs in this new boho robe or fringe robe silhouette. They feature luxe fringe at the arm and around the hem and are an addition to both our Hibsiscus floral robes as well as our midi floral robes. 


We also love this new midi robe style for bridesmaid robes or cute bridal robes. Both can be mixed and matched together or as an addition to new our shorter floral robes in the hibiscus style. Its a silhouettes bridesmaids will wear long after the wedding morning prep.


And as a honeymoon outfit... this new midi robe style goes from bridal robe to honeymoon outfit in a snap. Think it worn over a bathing suit or bikini or layered over shorts or an outerwear honeymoon outfit. Lots of mileage form this floral robe!


Shop all hibiscus robes and bridesmaid robes here!

Shop all midi robes and bridal robes here!

Shop honeymoon outfits here!

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Fast Fashion Fixes for Bridesmaid Dresses and Bridesmaid Outfits

When it comes to finding the perfect outfit, many often resort to fast fashion. More often than not, these garments are thrown away after a few uses. This dilemma is known as fast fashion.

What’s Wrong with Fast Fashion?
Inexpensive clothing isn’t a crime, it’s the amount of thrown away clothes that becomes a real problem. Once one of these pieces shrinks, rips, or loses its luster, it’s no surprise someone would throw it away. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) even reported that about 21 billion pounds of clothing (apart from some furniture, towels, etc.) is found in landfills every year. Sadly, only 10-15% of these clothes make it into the secondary clothing market.

Quality Before Quantity
While there’s nothing wrong with saving a few dollars, buying lesser quality clothing may actually end up costing you more. Having several quality pieces that last longer may actually save you money, versus having to continue the cycle of buying and tossing away these fast fashion clothes. Think about it, are people more likely to throw away a $5 shirt that faded away after a few uses, or would they throw away their bridesmaid dress that they only wore once years ago? The odds are that people would be more likely to save their garment if it has great quality, sentimental value and especially if it cost them a bit more than usual. Those who recently participated in a wedding may find this to be true when reusing their bridesmaid pajama set even after the wedding.

The Source
Apart from contributing to waste, many of these fast fashion retailers manufacture their clothing in distant countries like China or Bangladesh. In 2013 a garment factory in India collapsed, killing over 1,000 workers. The heartbreaking news has made it clear that fast fashion production is not the way to go.

The Slow Fashion Solution
A proper solution to this is simple, invest in slow fashion. What is slow fashion? The complete opposite of fast fashion, is slow fashion clothing. Simply put, they’re clothing that has better quality, was made under comfortable and eco-friendly conditions and, more importantly, it lasts longer than lesser-quality pieces. Rather than continuing the slow fashion cycle, consider having more timeless pieces in your wardrobe. With quality pieces in your closet, like a bridesmaid robe, you'll have more than opportunity to wear it over and over again - no matter the occasion! This is especially true for those who choose to re-wear their honeymoon dress for a hot date night with the hubby.

How Plum Pretty Sugar Contributes
Rather than just selling honeymoon, bridesmaid, maternity, plus size and girls clothing, we also hope to raise awareness in preserving our planet. As humans we evolve to our atmosphere, as so with the way we proceed in our day-to-day and how we run our business. We can make a difference so long as we make the mission known:

Our vision is to positively impact and preserve the planet to achieve a new normal within the consumer mindset. Our goals are far-reaching, and our challenges are expansive and complex. We aim to be transparent as we evolve along our journey to sustainability.”

How Plum Pretty Sugar Contributes
We understand the process of making clothing, as we take part in every step in creating the perfect slow fashion in our AMFORI-approved warehouse. Being AMFORI-approved means our honeymoon outfits are made under environmentally friendly conditions. When working with especially delicate clothing like bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid robes or bridesmaid pajamas, Plum Pretty Sugar takes precautionary steps during production. PPS contributes by:

  • Using high quality fabric that lasts longer than faster fashion,
  • Offering clothing recycle options to clients by partnering with ThredUp,
  • Partnering with anti-domestic violence partners to recycle overstocked items,
  • Removing excess paper and packing bubbles, as well as using 100% recyclable mailers & packaging,
  • Creating fabric designs with eco-friendly dye, minimum water waste and up-cycled fabrics; and
  • Equipping ethical and fair working conditions for our garment employees.

For more information on our vision, feel free to browse our environment & sustainability vision.


New Bridal Party Romper Love

Our Daydreamer Romper is a new floral romper silhouette. It's a multi-tasking piece that goes from indoors to out and bridal party romper to everyday

We created in a new feminine silhouette that ties at the shoulder with a tassel and gold hardware. It slips down and off for getting ready as bridesmaid rompers or a bridal party romper.  We also added a lace trim and a front cross-over bodice... details that give it that out and about feeling.

 As bridesmaid rompers or a bridal party romper, we receommend mixing and matching prints in one to three colorways for a unque bridal party romper look. Best thing? Bridesmaids will wear what was once a bridal party romper as an every day floral romper or as a beach or pool cover up.
Two of our favorite Daydreamer romper prints include Boheme and Romantic Soul. They're gorgeous to mix as a bridal party romper set or bridesmaid rompers. They're beautifully tonal and the prettiest feminine hues.

And, as a bridal romper, the Daydreamer packs as a pretty honeymoon outfit too!

Shop Daydreamer Rompers, bridesmaid rompers and bridal party romper here!



Bridesmaid Dresses and Bride's Magazine

Brides Magazine is a must-have for anyone bride to be. It's key to bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses and bridesmaid robe inspiration. So when it cam to their annual Bride's Live Wedding, we were completely thrilled to be a part of it.

It took place in South Carolina at the Montage Palmetto Bluff in a greenery filled celebration. Janelle and Shola were an absolutely couple! Janelle's bridesmaid wore two of our bridesmaid dresses! The first was our Blair dress in Glass Souls... but what we really love is the bridesmaid dress she changed into after the ceremony.  She changed into our Channing Dress in Kiss Mix. It's one of our favorite bridesmaid dresses and special occasion dresses.

The Channing bridesmaid dress is pretty special. It features a feminine ruffle skirt and a beautiful bodice with a smocked back. It's one of those dresses that isn't just for wearing as bridesmaid dresses, but a killer floral dress to wear again. 

Shop Channing bridesmaid dresses and floral dresses here!

Shop mix and match bridesmaid dresses here!

Brides Live Wedding credits include: 

Wedding Planner: Brooke Keegan Special Events || Venue: Montage Palmetto Bluff || Bride's Dresses: Maggie Sottero | Bridesmaid Dresses & Robes: Plum Pretty Sugar || Bridesmaids' Jewelry: Kendra Scott || Hair: Sexy Hair || Makeup: Bride's Side Beauty || Groom's Attire: Men's Wearhouse || Floral Design: SYG Designs || Ceremony & Cocktail Hour Music: The Lowhills; OtherBrother Entertainment || Reception Music: DJ Kiss; DJ M.O.S. || Rentals: EventWorks || Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen || Paper Products: Minted || Registry: Crate and Barrel || Honeymoon: Visit Cayman Islands; Luxury Cayman Villas; Cayman Airways || Bridal Brunch: Rosa Regale || Videography: Forged in the North || Photography: Jenny Fu
de's Magazin!

Convertible and Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

Our Charlie V2 Dress is one of our favorite bridesmaid dresses and special occasion dresses. It's one of those convertible dresses that is literally two styles in one... an off the shoulder bridesmaid dress or special occasion dress and a strapless bridesmaid dress or maxi dress when the sleeves are removed

It's also one of those dresses that can be dressed up as formal bridesmaid dresses and well as worn more low key as casual bridesmaid dresses or a any occasion dress... think a bridal shower dress, rehearsal dress or honeymoon dress.

The Charlie silhouette is a full length maxi dress with pleating at the bust and the back. Its skirt is flowy and features a feminine side slit. In sizes up to 14, its a beautiful option for bridesmaid dresses and bridal parties.

We also created Charlie in more than six exclusive prints. They're beautiful dresses to mix and match for a unique bridal party or bridesmaid dress look. We're also loving accessories... like this pretty Lack of Color hat.

This floral dress is in our Heartbreaker print and it's a beauty. We love it mixed and matched with The Bee Side as bridesmaid dresses.

Shop Charlie and all convertible bridesmaid dresses here!

Shop off the shoulder bridesmaid dresses here!

New Solid Flutter Robes for Bridesmaid Robes

Our new solid Flutter robe in Lover is fast becoming a Plum Pretty Sugar favorite. It's a line addition with Dollybird to our existing Flutter robes or ruffle robes including several floral robes and four solid robes. They're an easy mix and match robe style as bridesmaid robes or bridal party robes.

This new colorway, and all our flutter robes or ruffle robes, are also incredibly versatile. They go from bridesmaid robes to cover ups for lots of usage after the wedding or special event. Just add bathing suit or bikini!

Recently our Lover flutter robe or ruffle robe went from a wedding as bridesmaid robe to pool side as a cover-up.

We offer our flutter robes in sizes up to large (as seen here) and in up to eight floral robe prints and seven solids including a white bridal robe. They're beautiful, high quality pieces.

Shop solid robes or bridesmaid robes here!

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