White Bridal Pajamas

White bridal pajamas are a popular bridal gift and bridesmaid getting ready outfit option. We have several white bridal pajama sets... all our so pretty! Our newest white bridal pj set however is Ventana! It's a luxe and easy to wear set for brides to wear while getting ready or as bridesmaid pjs. Who doesn't love a bridesmaid squad in all white?

Our Ventana Bridal Set is a two piece set and fully lined. It goes from wedding day getting ready to everyday.


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Bridesmaid Dresses at Florida Wedding

Bianca's bridesmaid dresses are a dream! Her bridesmaids wore our Kiss Mix print in mixed silhouettes. They were the perfect bridesmaid dresses for her Florida Isla Bella Beach Resort location. 

Styles included Charlie, Lottie, Channing and Blair... together they are the prettiest look for bridesmaid dresses.

Selecting a single print and allowing bridesmaids to choose their preferred bridesmaid dress silhouette is an easy way to ensure each bridesmaid finds a style that suits their individual curves and taste and also means they'll likely wear it again. Who doesn't love wear it again bridesmaid dresses?


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Fringe Bridesmaid Robes and Ruffle Robes

Tiff was a stunning bride. She was married at Galway Downs in California in a Fall beautiful Fall ceremony.

Tiff wore our new Flutter robe in Vista as her bridal robe and her girls wore Flutter robes in Heartbreaker as their bridesmaids robes. Tiff's Maid of Honor wore our Hibiscus fringe robe as her bridesmaid robe. Together, it was a unique and beautifully coordinated look for bridesmaid getting ready outfits.

And, the sweetest dog. You can't beat a pup at a wedding. This this fluffy creature next to our bridal robe.


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Real Wedding and Bridal Robes

When Meagan got married she wore our The Bee Side Hibiscus as her bridal robe and her bridesmaid robes were our Lambkin Sweetheart. It was such a pretty look... love, love love bridesmaids in white!

We have many white robes to select as bridal robes or as bridesmaid robes... long to short, with trim and without. click here for all!

And our fringe robes or Hibisicus robes are available in multiple prints and lengths too. They can be worn as bridal robes like Meagan here or as bridesmaids robes for unique bridesmaid getting ready outfits.

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Shop bridal robes here!

Versatile Bridesmaid Dresses

Our new Charlotte dresses are already a favorite. This season we created this popular floral dress style in three exclusive prints and with some changes! We're already seeing them worn as bridesmaid dresses, maternity dresses and dresses for every occasion. We have made some slight revisions we're excited about!


Our new Charlotte dresses are available in Cove Diaries, Lovestoned, and Peony Sea and feature the following new revisions as compared to previous versions of this popular floral dress:

1. Feminine slits and both sides
2. One size
3. Unlined


We love them as versatile bridesmaid dresses or floral dresses for any occasion. They can be dressed up or dressed down and go anywhere with a change of accessories. They're also a beautiful option as maternity dresses.


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New Bridesmaid Pajamas Styles

Our new short pajama sets, or shortie sets vary from the preceding pajama sets or bridesmaid pjs. We have made some slight revisions we're excited about!

Our bridesmaid pjs or shorts pajama sets in Cove Diaries, Lovestoned, Peony Sea and Vista feature the following new revisions:

1. Bridesmaid pajamas have an added drawstring at the waist.
2. Bridesmaid pajamas or floral pajamas feature a side notch at the shorts side hem
3. Bridesmaid pajama or pajama sets feature a smaller collar and cuff detail 

We're excited about these small and beautiful updates and can't wait to see bridesmaids and bridal parties wearing them!


We're also excited about the mix and match in our new bridesmaid pajamas. We love them mixed for a unique bridesmaid outfits and especial Vista for bridal pajamas!

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Where to Buy Unique Bridesmaid Dresses

Where to buy bridesmaid dresses that are unique and wearable again and again? We think we're the answer to pretty bridesmaid dresses that are versatile and easy to wear.

Our new collection especially features two silhouettes that can be easily mixed matched or paired back to our existing bridesmaid dresses.

The Jesse dress, for instance, can be worn as bridesmaid dresses or a pretty dress for any occasion. It features delicate ruffles, mid length styling and self tie shoulder straps. We created this floral dress in three exclusive prints; Cove Diaries, Vista and Peony Sea as well as several solid colors. They can be mixed and matched as bridesmaid dresses for a unique bridal party look.


All that said, if you;re looking to buy bridesmaid dresses that are special and versatile, we love the Jesse dress (okay and many of our other bridesmaid dresses too!)

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White Bridal Robes and Bridal PJs!

Our final new solid colorway in new collection is Ventana! Its an exquisite soft white and is available in several bridal styles and bridal silhouettes ranging from bridal robes to bridal pajamas and bridesmaids robes and  bridesmaids dresses





Shop all bridesmaid outfits here in bridal silhouettes ranging from bridal robes to bridal pajamas and bridesmaids robes and  bridesmaids dresses!

Gorgeous photos by Miramar Photography

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