Talking Bridesmaid Robes and Bridal Robes with It Girl Weddings

It Girl Weddings recently featured an article about Plum Pretty Sugar. Grateful for the support. We've included some excerpts below.

From It Girl Weddings:

Busy prepping for the big day? Part of the fun is planning for every part before your I do's... aka getting ready in your bridal suite with your best gifts. Sipping champagne, getting pampered with hair and makeup, feeling organized and trying to soak in every moment before all the chaos. Its also the perfect time t get those insta-worthy photos with your bridesmaids. And what better way than to have matching getting ready outfits such as bridesmaids robes or bridesmaids pajama sets? You and your bridesmaids wont want to pit on the bridesmaids dresses or wedding dress until the last second, so you'll need something super cute to get ready in!

Plum Pretty Sugar is a star player in this department. From bridal robes and bridesmaids robes to bridesmaids pajama sets and bridesmaids dresses there is an option for every gals personal style and body type. And the best part? This year they came out with 16 brand new prints and multiple styles. And these styles are more than adorable with ruffle details, fun prints, lace, various necklines and fringe! Which bridesmaids robes and bridesmaids pajama styles are you loving? And don't forget their bridesmaid dresses.

Thank you It Girl Weddings.. again and again. 



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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Okay you guys, the Holidays are coming. And well, a few little things like Black Friday and Cyber Monday! So sign up to be the first to know! Especially if you're in the market for bridesmaid robes, bridesmaid dresses and bridal robes.

On a similar note, the bridesmaids dress in the photo is the Blair Dress in Glass Souls.  Well, not actually a bridesmaids dress, it can be any summer dress, maxi dress or sundress. 

Happy Shopping!

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