Oprah's Robe

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Last week, a little television. A little look at Oprah Behind the Scenes on the new OWN Network, got this Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie brand thinking. There in the final episode, Oprah sat amidst her dressing room, preparing for her last show. Surrounded by hair and make-up artists, family and friends and so many kind wishes, Oprah wore a pink robe. Adorable, sweet and perfect for getting ready

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And so it gave us sweet pause. A diligent little think about what it would be like if that robe were a Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie robe! And we've come to a conclusion. Our own little finale. Thinking our new Sweet Love and Yonderflies robe would be the perfect amount of pretty!

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Ah! To dream. Oprah, kind Oprah. Celebrating you, your success and the last moments of your show

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Anonymous said...

Agree!!! Oprah would be lovely in Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie!

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