Classic Bridal Party Looks

You guys, it never gets old seeing our bridesmaid and bridal robes in a real wedding. We are always so grateful and truly just honored to not just be a part of the wedding but to be featured. It totally gives us an adrenaline shot.

Style Me Pretty recently featured a classic wedding in California photographed by the Grovers. It featured our Spell robes as the bridal party robes and our Lambkin robe as the bridal robe. A favorite all-time look around here!

Here's what Style Me Pretty said about the wedding:

These two cuties met in their first class on their first day of high school. Fast forward a few years and many memories, and they finally tied-the-knot at a wedding in their hometown so timeless and elegant, even Meghan Markle will be hard-pressed to match it. With an experienced team of pros behind the event including Details Details, Hollyflora, Aaron Novak Films, The Grovers, and many others, it's no wonder – this classic wedding is practically perfect in every way!

Are you guys feeling all the Southern California wedding...  blushy and white vibes? We're totally in.

Shop bridesmaid robes and our white bride to be robe right { here }.

Enjoy this one you guys!

The Plum Pretty Sugar girls.


Getting Ready Robes at Bridal Fashion Week

This season's New York Bridal Fashion Week was no different from any other. Super gorgeous, tongue wagging designs but with one small change. Plum Pretty Sugar was backstage with one of our favorite bridal designer, Alexandra Grecco.


I mean... the bridal gowns, the details... and the diversity! Everything was on point. Our getting ready robes shone as the pieces the model wore while their hair and make up were done. Kind of like a floral bridal robe or maid of honor robe right? But so cool.


Here are a few of our favorite floral robe looks from backstage:


Shop all getting ready and kimono robes here:


Total fun!


Talking Bridal Industry and Bridesmaid Pajamas

Do you guys follow us on Insta? If so, you may have caught a glimpse of Charlotte chatting about this wedding business article that featured her over on Think Splendid. If you're interested in our Plum PrettySugar backstory and how this whole bridesmaid robes and bridesmaid pajamas thing got started... read on. Here' the full article from Think Splendid!

The Splendid Five with the Founder of Plum Pretty Sugar

The Splendid Five asks the same five questions of a different wedding or creative professional each Friday.Today we’re meeting Charlotte Hale, who dreamt up and created the ‘getting ready’ category of bridal and bridesmaid fashion apparel when she founded Plum Pretty Sugar in 2009.

Name: Charlotte Hale
Company Name: Plum Pretty Sugar
Wedding Industry Segment: Bridal Fashion
Years in Industry: 9
Location: Southern California
Instagram: @plumprettysugar

1. How did you get started in the wedding industry?

When I created Plum Pretty Sugar almost a decade ago, in 2009, I originally concepted it as a lifestyle brand that focused on sleepwear, home dΓ©cor, and eventually apparel. I knew from a previous business I had that robes would be integral to the sleepwear portion of the company. Keeping in mind that bridal ‘getting ready’ didn’t exist – there weren’t any bridesmaid robes, bridesmaids pajamas, bridal robes – I strategically set out to determine product use categories wherein women could potentially wear robes. I dug in and came out with a new idea: brides the morning of their wedding and bridesmaids!
The marketer in me intrinsically knew I could create a new usage while also expanding the wedding festivities into a morning prep period. I believed I could create and maximize opportunities for friendship, family, and bonding that would be well-received by brides. And so started what is now the bridal getting ready category within the wedding industry. 

2. How has the industry changed since you started?

The wedding and bridal industry has changed drastically since Plum Pretty Sugar began in 2009. Ten years ago the industry centered around bridal magazines, bridal books, and less than ten blogs. Social media was limited to Facebook which wasn’t used for business at the time and it pre-dated the rise of influencer. 2018 is a different landscape entirely.
The bridal client is also extremely different. She is primarily a millennial and her desires and expectations are disparate to the Gen Xer that proceeded her. She grew up in a socially networked world and seeks and discovers information about all things, including her wedding, differently.
She also consumes it differently. Her wedding is meant very often for the public eye and the connections she’s fostered throughout social media and she therefore seeks products and experiences for reasons we couldn’t have imagined a decade ago. Therein we see both the product and experiential trends that feed this consumption.
It’s been interesting to be a part of it. Often as a CEO I don’t realize it’s changing until we look back. We’re so accustomed to change at Plum Pretty Sugar, it is nearly routine. And that’s what makes it exciting.

3. What was the biggest lesson you learned early on in your business?

There have been so many lessons but the one that still stands out, mainly because I’m still working on it, is managing criticism, dis-believers, trolls, and unkind people in general. When you start a business, and develop a category especially, there are many naysayers who don’t understand and are unable or unwilling to see the vision, or are, frankly, just mean. I’ve learned to surround myself with a team that protects me, which in turn allows me to move the brand vision and the company forward without being halted by ill will. With that comes a knowing of clearly understanding my strengths, my weaknesses, and pushes me to define and right them within the company directive.

4. What is the biggest lesson you've learned in the past few years?

I have learned to trust. I’ve learned to allow others in and to let them spread their wings and their voice and really develop their skill set within Plum Pretty Sugar. I’ve learned to look at the business through their lens and in doing so have it has both challenged me and the business to become stronger in perhaps ways I hadn’t initially thought or predicted. I’ve also learned that I as a human, a business owner, a wife, and a mom . . . I can only do so many things. That I do have a maximum regardless of the ongoing lists, ideas, and opportunities in my mind’s eye and on paper. I’ve learned to prioritize and to delegate and to let others soar with them.

5. What one piece of advice would you give to another entrepreneur on sticking it out in a competitive industry?

I think all industries these days are competitive. It’s a normal part of doing business. The idea, the thinking, and the stress around “competitive” I don’t believe will get you anywhere. I recommend staying true to your vision – but first having a vision . . . an authentic, non copycat vision – and following it through. Make thoughtful decisions, listen to your gut, don’t get side tracked. Be honest with yourself about what you’re seeking to achieve and what’s working and what’s not. What works for you may be entirely different than someone else. Stay on course. Focus and be kind.

New Sleep Collection by Wedding Chicks

So cool to see Wedding Chicks review our new sleep and lounge collection. Curious what they said about our new bridesmaid robes and bridesmaid pajama sets? Plus everything in between? 

Here's what Wedding Chicks said:

Bridesmaid Style and Ideas

Plum Pretty Sugar's New Sleep Collection is Dreamy AF  


Sooo, it’s currently 65 degrees and cloudy as hell in Jersey today. Ever since waking up, I’ve wanted to stay in PJs, hop on the couch, pull a blanket over me, and Netflix until nap time - but with an almost-two-year-old at home, that’s nearly impossible. I picked up my boo from his crib, got him wiped, diaped, and dressed for the day, and within 10 minutes, we were out the door for toddler music class. And for me, that meant a ponytail, yoga pants, a stretchy cotton hoodie, and glasses. Real great stuff. Had I known that Plum Pretty Sugar just dropped a new sleep+loungewear collection, I might have done some online shopping a few days ago to get my mama fashion game in gear…. But there’s always tonight, tomorrow, etc. Actually, maybe not even. A little birdy told us that these new drops are going suuuuuuper fast. So, if you’re in love like we are and want to snag an early Christmas present for yo-self… You’ll want to get on that [plum] prettyyyy soon.

Print Featured:

Here are all the things we’re digging about this sleep-to-day capsule.

If you even need any additional rationale above and beyond the gorgeous pics (PPS prints and patterns have us perpetually 😍😍😍)
The color.
The brand’s boss lady, Charlotte Hale, told us that with this collection, she was intrigued by mixing classic with something a bit more modern and upbeat. And color! Apparently, Boheme, one of the newest prints, was really a starting point in terms of the genesis of the capsule. It’s a gorgeous, deep ocean blue that caught Charlotte a bit off guard, because she’s typically more of a pink person. Then again, so am I!! And pink is the furthest thing from my mind when I’m gazing at all this blue, green, and periwinkle ✨. 
Print Featured:

The comfort. 

We’ve said it before, but for real, when you’re in your 20s and 30s, how many times would you say you wear pajamas that aren’t just oversized sweatpants or some kind of athleisure look? I have two modes - helllllla cozy or lingerie, so I’m missing something cute, casj, fashiony and functional in-between. And this collection fills in the gaps, gorgeously, with a series of five stunner prints that include a stripe and two solids. The silhouettes include bride and bridesmaid knee robes, flutter robes, bridesmaid pajamas and bridal rompers as well as some really cute eye masks (although I think these might even be sold out at this point). Everything is incredibly soft, comfortable, and figure-flattering, the way the fabric just glides over the body.
Printed Featured:

That multiwear magic.
Yah, it’s funny when people say that their PJs can pull off a day look, too. Not many can. Plum Pretty Sugar’s new stuff? Oh, yes. In fact, we’re going to say that ‘dayjama’ wasn’t even a thing before PPS dropped their dayjams. The Flounce Lounge Set is the perfect example. The pants are cool with a simple T-shirt and the tank can be worn with any jean, skirt, or bottom. Charlotte actually wears her pants as outerwear all the time, just paired with a white tee. Thanks in large part to super high-quality rayon that allows the garments to go from indoor to outdoor. The drawstrings have the prettiest gold hardware that deserves to be seen outside of the house, too. So, there’s that incentive! Also love the bridesmaid ruffled robes, works for getting ready, as a cover up, and can even be worn after the wedding - with just a cute pair of skinny jeans, a white cami, and sick statement pendant.
Printed Featured:

And if you’re a bride who’s got a bachelorette planned for early next year, we can totally see this new collection working for your babes. Get them psyched about your last fling with some of our favorite things for them. If only PPS made swimsuits… Wink, wink, wink, winkkkkkk πŸ˜‰. G


Shaelynn's Bridesmaid Dresses

It is always a blessing to be a part of your lives you guys. It seriously never gets old. So when we saw this gorgeous bride, Shaelynn and her bridesmaids we HAD to share. Shealynn selected our Honor Dress in Sunset as her bridesmaid dresses and holy smokes... they look so good!

We love how she chose to keep her bridesmaid dresses matched. All wore Sunset is the softest, most barely there shade of blush. The overall bridal party look is both feminine and delicate and classic with a hint of boho. And we know her tribe can wear them again... seriously Honor is one of those dresses that can go anywhere dressed up or dressed down. It is also super comfy you guys! It has a smocked ruched bodice that makes the dress easy to wear. 

All of our Honor bridesmaid dresses also feature the prettiest embroidery both on the bottom hem and stemming upward. You have so see it in person to really appreciate it. And you guys, we line the gown. Not sheer whatsoever!

We also love that the sleeves can be worn off the shoulder or on the shoulder. As a bride, you can mix and match this across your bridal party to also give it a bit of a unique flair. Or, hey... mix and match amongst the other colors in Honor. Or, mix and match with our Charlotte dresses which are the same smocked dress style but printed and floral and without the embroidery. Who doesnt love a mix and match bridesmaid party?

So... where can you buy them?

Click here to shop Honor bridesmaid dresses and Charlotte dresses! { here!}

And thank you Shealynn for sharing your wedding day with us! 

The Plum Pretty Sugar girls


Bridesmaid Checklist and Planning

Okay you guys, there are a ton of things to remember before the wedding happens. We definitely recommend packing early and not leaving it to the night before (been there, done that and it can be a total disaster.)

Here's our bridesmaid checklist! 

And if you haven't yet purchased your bridesmaid dress or bridesmaid robe or bridesmaid pajamas... it could very well be too late! The good news is we have bridal pajama sets, bridesmaid dresses and matching robes for bridesmaids ready to ship right now. 

Click here for bridesmaid dresses! Right here!

Click here for bridal pajama sets! Right here!

Click here for matching robes for bridesmaids! Right here!

 What You're Wearing:
·      Bridesmaid dress, bridesmaid robe or bridesmaids pajamas
·      Proper bra for bridesmaid dress
·      Underwear/shape wear
·      Heels and/or flats and flip flops for getting ready
·      Accessories including earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings
·      Clutch
Wedding Items
·      Decorations for morning prep... champagne moment?
·      Speech
·      Bride’s and Groom’s rings if that’s your responsibility
·      Gift and card

Cosmetics and things

·      Tissues! Yaaas!
·      Safety pins
·      Tide pen
·      Make up

·      Toothbrush/paste
·      Nail polish + Nail Polish remover
·      Brush, comb and hairspray
·      Deodorant
·      Band-Aids


·      Bag
·      Purse
·      Cash
·      Cellphone charger
·      Mints



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