Valentine, Valenti and Floral Robes and Things

Valentine's Day is almost here and we've got the perfect floral robe (okay, maybe you knew that already) but this floral robe in particular... its called Valenti. You know Valentine... Valenti. Similar right?

It's a beautiful white robe with blush florals... perfect for Valentine's Day (and as a bridal robe or bridesmaid robe too.)

In addition to the floral robe or bridal robe, we also offer Valenti in additional silhouettes including pants sets, floral maxi dresses, floral midi dresses and floral tops as well as floral pj sets. If you're a bride to be, think bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid pjs as bridesmaid robe alternatives and wedding guest dresses.

So, Valentine's Day and Valenti... cute right?

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Credit: Photography by Elizabeth Messina.


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