The What and Why of Slow Fashion

Who's into slow fashion? Talking about it today how we're into the movement.

What is Slow Fashion? 

 Slow fashion is about the creation and purchase of quality garments, made from sustainable processes, that last longer as opposed to fast fashion wherein garments are purchased and disposed of frequently.  The goal is a more environmentally friendly return.

The term, "Slow Fashion", was first introduced by Kate Fletcher of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion. Shortly after the slow food movement, Fletcher saw a similar need for the fashion industry to also take a sustainability based approach. This marked the beginning era of slow fashion and its movement that grows each day, through every new piece of sustainable clothing.

Why is Slow Fashion Important?

It's important because it makes a positive impact on our planet and people. Without slow fashion, there would be more waste and clothing in landfills that harm our environment in ways that may be irrevocable. In a world that's already endangered by the amount of carbon footprint that's left by people and other unsustainable sources, slow fashion is a step in the right direction to preserve the planet that we live in. 

The amazing part is that more and more people are realizing this. They are noticing the positive impact that slow fashion brings and they're embracing it. From buying clothing that's made exclusively from sustainable fiber and natural dyes or buying locally sourced garments, the influence of slow fashion has already made a huge impact and it's not stopping or slowing down.

Our Commitment to Slow Fashion and Sustainability

As a company, we are joining the slow fashion movement and all that it stands for. We are committed to our environment and sustainability, by creating more sustainable clothing for our clients. From bridesmaid dresses to maternity dresses and bridal party robes, we aim to create beautiful and high quality pieces to be worn for many years and can be multi-functional and cross-functional and worn for another purpose. We aim to create beautiful pieces that become a staple in a woman's wardrobe.

We've been doing this since day one and it's an honor knowing our clients cherish their bridesmaid dress or bridal robe long after the wedding or special event.

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