Three Unknown Bridal Robe Options

Three favorite bridal and bridesmaid styles we bet you didn't know we had. From kaftan, to bridal robe overlay to a stunning silk bridal robe, we're guessing you didn't know we have these bridal outfits and bridesmaid robe alternatives.


Our Stardust and Sun kaftan is a stunning silk bridal robe alternative or honeymoon lingerie or bridal lingerie. It's beautifully sheer and a delicate piece to be cared for and treasured. We also like this kaftan as a vacation outfit ot honeymoon outfit when used as a beach or pool coverup.

Shop this bridal robe alternative here!


Our Stardust and Sun Overlay is another bridal robe or bridesmaids robe alternative. It opens at the front and ties with a pretty ribbon requiring a garment underneath. The Stardust and Sun print is sparkly and fresh and its so pretty to wear long after a wedding robe or honeymoon lingerie. This overlay bridal robe always goes from wedding to honeymoon outfit or vacation outfit and can be worn over a bathing suit as a pool or beach coverup.

Shop the Stardust and Sun Bridal Robe Overlay here:


The final bridal outfit we're nearly certain you didn't know is our Stardust and Sun bridal robe. Its a stunning and really exquisite silk robe. We like it as a bridal robe but it can also be worn as bridesmaids robes... its just requires a garment underneath. It's beautifully flowy with a kimono robe style silhouette and is a truly exquisite wedding robe.

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