Top 2 Versatile Bridesmaid Dresses

Some of our favorite versatile bridesmaid dresses are trending this Season and we couldn't be more excited. What are they?

1. Our Lolo bridesmaid dresses in both prints and solids
2. Our Charlotte bridesmaid dresses in all our prints

We're seeing these bridesmaid dresses mixed and matched both between colors and styles that make for a totally unique bridal party. For instance, mix Charlotte dresses in prints and match Lolo bridesmaid dresses in solids. There are about a thousand different ways to create a bridesmaid dress look that is unique.

And the best thing? They are 100 percent versatile! They go from bridesmaid dresses to wedding guest dresses to an everyday floral dress, sundress or honeymoon dress. A quick accessory change is the only needed.

 One more thing you guys, our printed bridesmaid dresses (and all our new prints) are printed digitally which means they are not just beautiful, but digital printing is better for the environment (as compared to screen printing for instance.)

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