Five New Solid Flutter Robes

New solid flutter robes are here and we're excited. This ruffle robe style is one of our favorite silhouettes... feminine and versatile and a total must-have. Think bridal robe or mixed and matched bridesmaid robes, they're chic and easy to wear.

Pretty hues to mix and match as bridesmaid robes and bridal robes, they are perfect to wear for wedding day prep and long after.  Made from a high quality rayon and spandex blend, these ruffled robes are ultra soft and perfect for lounging, getting ready and all moments in between.

Our favorite part is that each robe features a pretty ruffle along the sleeves and bottom edge of the robe. It's a feminine touch that never goes out of style - especially for cute robes like these. This unique cross-over robe also includes a sash that wraps around and ties the robe closed for a comfortable and secure fit. Wear this robe in fitted or low slung styles for a unique look too.

Perfect as a bridesmaid gift or part of a bridesmaid proposal gift, these ruffle robes are meant to be a fond memento of the wedding. A pretty testament to slow fashion, they are designed to last through many wears and washes as a woman's wardrobe staple. 

We can't forget to mention how versatile these robes are, either! For instance, they can be worn as beach or pool cover ups atop your favorite swimsuit. And for the mamas out there, they can also be worn as maternity robes or delivery robes, too! Comfortable and on-trend, you can get creative and wear these robes for many occasions and styles. How would you wear one of these pretty pieces?

We also have this fluttery robe available in white. You know what that means? It makes for the perfect wedding robes to wear during the big day and many moments after! Choose a different color of this robe for your bridesmaids and you'll have a picture-perfect look for wedding photos. Total happiness!

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Five Best Bridesmaid Robe Alternatives

The FIVE best bridesmaid robe alternatives.

So you're not feeling the bridesmaid robe thing right now? There are tons of options to ensure your bridesmaid getting ready morning is fun and the photos are cool. We love seeing bridal party outfits that feature a mix and match of styles of hey, just alternate silhouettes.

Here are the five best (and most pretty) bridesmaid robe alternatives.

1. Boyfriend Shirts

Borrowed from the boys, this mens style shirt (but way better) silhouette is flattering and the perfect bridesmaid getting ready outfits. Totally obsessed with the sleep shirt button front styling and the sweet and sexy feel.



Shop all prints and sizes in Boyfriend Shirts for Bridesmaids { here }.

2. Shortie Sets or Bridesmaid Pajamas (PJs). 

Fun, uber comfy and in patterns and solids, bridesmaid pajamas are a bridesmaid getting ready outfit you know your bridetribe will wear again and again.



Shop all prints and sizes in Bridesmaid Pajamas { here }.

 3. Bridesmaid Rompers.

These little bridesmaid romper numbers are little bit sweet and a little bit sexy. Gorgeous for a bridal squad. And wear for some serious mileage after the wedding.


Shop all prints and sizes in Rompers { here }.

 4. Jumpsuits

A pant romper or bridesmaid jumpsuit is so cool. The straps come down off the shoulders and the ruffle detail on the cross over top is a full on apparel style. This is new and we're in. A style that will be worn long after the wedding for sure.


Shop all prints and sizes in Jumpsuits { here }.

  5. Getting Ready Dresses

A little dress for bridesmaid getting ready is a feminine touch to any bridal party and makes for the prettiest photos. The Lily Dress features tie up shoulder straps and can be stepped into so as not to disturb any wedding hair and make up in the process. In six stunning prints and solid colors, they can be worn again, and again out and about multi-tasking as a pool or beach cover up.


Shop all prints and sizes in Getting Ready Dresses { here }.

So... that's the top five for now bridesmaid robe alternative options for now. Bridesmaid Getting Ready Outfits... you guys... the best bridesmaid gifts no matter which way you go. 


UPDATE: Fast forward to 2019... We've got even more options for bridesmaid robe alternatives this year! Check them out below.

6. Ruffled Pajama Sets

A little bit of ruffle can go a long way... These ruffled pj sets are the sweetest set for giving and wearing. Both the shorties and cami top have ruffles along the bottom, giving the entire set a feminine look and feel many love. A pretty excuse to ditch the robe for wedding day prep and wear these as bridal party pjs instead! If that's not your thing, you can even mix and match these pj sets with bridesmaid robes too. Whichever option works best for you and your girls!

Shop all prints and sizes in Ruffled PJ Sets { here }.

7. Long Sleeve PJ Sets.

Feeling a bit chilly? Our Long Sleeve PJ Sets are perfect for staying warm and lounging pretty. Featuring a cozy lounge pant with a matching button down long sleeve shirt for those lazy mornings and Netflix marathons (we don't judge!). This set is also pretty as bridesmaid pjs meant to be worn for many years after the wedding.

Shop all prints and sizes in Long Sleeve PJ Sets { here }.

8. Lovebird Minis.

Feminine and lacy, the Lovebird Minis are so cute and comfortable as bridesmaid robe alternatives. This effortless and multi-functional sundress showcases a pretty strapless dress silhouette, partially smocked bodice and a delicate trim in our signature lace. By multi-functional, we mean it can be worn as a cover up, as getting ready outfits, maternity dresses and bridesmaid pajamas. So many ways to wear this cute piece, both indoors and out!

Shop all prints and sizes in Lovebird Minis { here }.

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Plus Sizes? Yes We Have Them!

We've been doing plus sizes for about FOUR years now and continue to expand our offering.

We love making every woman look and feel beautiful. Whether it's our bridesmaid dresses, bridal robes or bridal party pjs, nothing makes us happier to hear our clients say how much they love wearing Plum Pretty Sugar. Our plus size selection includes plus size sleepwear, plus size robes and some dresses.

Check out our categories of plus size clothing and plus size sleepwear below.

Romantic and modern, our plus size floral robes are hand-painted and hand-colored with great attention to detail and care. Many of these pretty robe comes with a detachable sash and adjustable inner tie, giving you control on how the robe fits to your body shape. Easy to wear and effortlessly feminine, it makes for the perfect bridesmaid robes, bridal robes or even as beach or pool cover ups.

Shop our plus size robes here.

We also offer a couple of plus size dresses and are working to grow this portion of our business. The current offering is our Blair Dresses. They are the perfect mix of pretty structure and ethereal flow, our wrap dresses in plus size showcases a delicate sweetheart neckline and soft ruffle edging. With a comfortable bodice and adjustable curled sash, it flatters at the natural waist for a look that never goes out of style. The skirt of the dress also has a layered opening for a little peek inside the dress' inner layer that adds a soft touch of allure. It's truly a beautiful piece that flatters all body shapes, you guys.

For stay-at-home nights or lazy mornings, you can bundle up in the comfort of shortie sets, boyfriend shirts, lounge pants and long sleeve pj shirts also available in plus sizes. Our plus size pj sets come with an extra soft elastic waistband on high quality rayon, making our pjs one of the most comfortable you'll ever wear. Also makes a great gift as bridesmaid pjs or can be worn separately as a beach or pool cover up for warm, sunny days. Now this is what comfort and style is all about!

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The Bachelor and Those Model Outfits and Floral Dresses

The 23rd season of The Bachelor is on and we're excited to see how love unfolds. This season features the handsome bachelor, Colton Underwood, who first arrived on the scene back in Season 14. 

We're even more excited Brianna Barnes, is one of the bachelorettes. She's been one of our models off and on over the years and is super kind. Wishing you all the best on the show, Bri!

Sharing a few of of our favorite looks on Bri over the years:

Charlotte Off the Shoulder Dress in Spell: This feminine dress features delicate petaled sleeves and a comfortable smocked bodice. It's pretty and versatile for bridesmaid dresses, summer dresses, or an every day sundress.

Cay Tunic: Our Cay Off the Shoulder Tunic Dress in Mustique showcases an off the shoulder neckline, side pockets, and an easy to wear length that's comfortable and stylish. From 100% yarn dyed cotton, this piece can be worn for every day as a casual dress paired with accessories.

Bella Kimono Robe: Perfect for getting ready, the Knee Length Kimono Robe in Bella's Le Quotidien (Wildflower) is a romantic floral robe hand-painted and hand-colored in exclusive prints and soft pastel hues. Featuring a structured yet delicate silhouette, this kimono robe includes an adjustable inner tie and a detachable sash. Tons of uses for it too... as wedding robes, bridesmaid robes, and even as beach or pool cover ups for those sunny days. Multi-functional? Yes please.

Spell Kimono Robe:  The prettiest, most feminine robe, it gifts beautifully as floral bridesmaid robes or bridal robes for wedding day prep and long after. As seen at BHLDN, our knee length bridesmaid robes and bridal robes are made from 100% high quality ultra soft rayon that's crafted to last many wears and washes. (It's also a popular choice a a maternity robe.)


Top Two Maternity Dresses

We're excited for each and every one of you that have recently embarked on this journey toward mommyhood!

Our bridesmaid dresses also multi-task as maternity dresses. Sounds weird and crazy, but completely true. Whether you're looking for maternity dresses, maternity robes or maternity pajamas, our pieces are crafted to be versatile for multiple points in a woman's life.

Our two favorite maternity dress styles? Honor and Charlotte.

Our Honor Dresses are a popular and pretty choice as maternity dresses. The off the shoulder dress features stunning hand-embroidery, maxi dress styling, a comfortable smocked bodice and delicate petaled sleeves for a feminine look. The sleeves are also removable, so you can have two different looks in one dress! So if you want to change up your look for different occasions, then this is the dress for you.

Available in several pastel hues, this embroidered dress is romantic and enchanting for maternity pictures, special events, and even every day. Created with high-quality craftsmanship and beautiful construction, the Honor Dress is meant to be worn long after the maternity phase.

Shop our Honor Dresses here.

This is Aimee looking gorgeous by the beach in our Charlotte Dress. It showcases a delicate sweetheart neckline, a comfortable smocked bodice an petaled should straps that are also removable. On high quality, ultra soft rayon and exclusive hand-curated prints, this maternity dress is multi-functional and charming. It's also perfect as a beach or pool cover up and every day sundress after maternity too! 

Shop our Charlotte Dresses here.

Honor Dresses and Charlotte Dresses for maternity. Which one is your favorite?

We wish you all the happiness and joy of being a new mom!

Shop our maternity dress collection here. 

Shop our maternity robes here.


The What and Why of Slow Fashion

Who's into slow fashion? Talking about it today how we're into the movement.

What is Slow Fashion? 

 Slow fashion is about the creation and purchase of quality garments, made from sustainable processes, that last longer as opposed to fast fashion wherein garments are purchased and disposed of frequently.  The goal is a more environmentally friendly return.

The term, "Slow Fashion", was first introduced by Kate Fletcher of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion. Shortly after the slow food movement, Fletcher saw a similar need for the fashion industry to also take a sustainability based approach. This marked the beginning era of slow fashion and its movement that grows each day, through every new piece of sustainable clothing.

Why is Slow Fashion Important?

It's important because it makes a positive impact on our planet and people. Without slow fashion, there would be more waste and clothing in landfills that harm our environment in ways that may be irrevocable. In a world that's already endangered by the amount of carbon footprint that's left by people and other unsustainable sources, slow fashion is a step in the right direction to preserve the planet that we live in. 

The amazing part is that more and more people are realizing this. They are noticing the positive impact that slow fashion brings and they're embracing it. From buying clothing that's made exclusively from sustainable fiber and natural dyes or buying locally sourced garments, the influence of slow fashion has already made a huge impact and it's not stopping or slowing down.

Our Commitment to Slow Fashion and Sustainability

As a company, we are joining the slow fashion movement and all that it stands for. We are committed to our environment and sustainability, by creating more sustainable clothing for our clients. From bridesmaid dresses to maternity dresses and bridal party robes, we aim to create beautiful and high quality pieces to be worn for many years and can be multi-functional and cross-functional and worn for another purpose. We aim to create beautiful pieces that become a staple in a woman's wardrobe.

We've been doing this since day one and it's an honor knowing our clients cherish their bridesmaid dress or bridal robe long after the wedding or special event.

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Bridesmaid Gifting

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Pretty pastels we love from Maddie and Joel's wedding in the Yarra Valley, Australia. Our Plum Pretty Sugar Shortie Set in Persimmon Hears Her Wish blends perfectly with delicate accessories and invitations.

Shop this Set { here }.

Photo by Guy Evans Photography.

Here's a close up of our Shortie Set in Persimmon Hears Her Wish. These bridesmaid pjs are made on whisper soft and high quality rayon with an extra soft elastic waistband. This two-piece set includes comfy floral shorts and a borrowed from the boy's button-front shirt. Lovely as a bridesmaid gift or bridesmaid proposal gift, your girls will definitely be wearing their bridal party pjs for many years to come.

Shop the Shortie Set in Persimmon Hears Her Wish here.

Another bridesmaid gift they'll love, this pretty piece is the Ruffled Cami and Shortie Set in Romantic Soul. Pretty florals abound this pretty two-piece set with a soft touch of feminine ruffles. This bridesmaid pj set is totally pretty.

One of our favorite perks about this bridesmaid set is that it can be worn outdoors as separates. The cami top looks great when paired with your favorite pair of jeans or pants. Even the shorts can be worn as a beach or pool cover up for those sunny days. So many ways to wear these and it never gets old.

Shop the Ruffled Cami and Shortie Set in Romantic Soul here.

For those that feel chilly and prefer something a little warmer, we've got the perfect set for you and your bridesmaids. Meet the Long Sleeve PJ Set in Boheme. Showcasing beautiful blue and pink hues, these bridesmaid pajamas will warm you right up and have you lounging pretty. The lounge pants even comes with pockets, piping at the edges, and a drawstring waist for an easy and comfy fit. 

Shop the Long Sleeve PJ Set in Boheme here.

Pretty in pink with exclusive florals... That's the Flounce Lounge Set in Heartbreaker. Effortlessly feminine and versatile, this two-piece set can be worn together or separately for a new look. In fact, the Flounce pants work with just about everything! A tank, tee, or shirt, you can wear this piece however you like and it'll be a pretty complement to your outfit. It makes the perfect gift as women's pajama sets, bridal party pjs or as a bridesmaid robe alternative for wedding day prep. 

Shop the Flounce Lounge Set in Heartbreaker here.

Featuring a flattering V neck tank and cute shorties, the Halo Set in Tang Bang is another thoughtful bridesmaid gift option for your tribe. More on the breezy side but still 100% comfy, this pj set includes adjustable spaghetti straps for a fit that best suits you. Meant to be worn for many wears and in many different ways, these bridesmaid pajama sets are definitely a wardrobe staple.

Shop the Halo Set in Tang Bang here.

More perfect gifting ideas take a peek here, here, and here

Bridesmaids in our Persimmon Hears Her Wish print, peek { here }. 


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