Bridesmaid Dresses They'll Wear Everyday

Bridesmaid proposal season is upon us. You may have already started to think about the bridesmaid dresses your girls might look great in. But, what happens to the dress after the wedding? Rather than selecting a bridesmaid dress that's meant to be worn only once, we believe (and create) bridesmaid dresses versatile enough to be worn for everyday and any occasion. (Pretty sure that your bride tribe would appreciate this too.)

Peek at a couple of our favorite dresses that multi-task as bridesmaid dresses, wedding guest dresses, summer dresses, and well... you name it. Meet the Lottie and Jayne dresses.

Lottie Bridesmaid Dress:

For those who are into an asymmetrical neckline, The Lottie Dress is a win. A flirty and feminine silhouette, this sundress or wrap dress is meant to be worn again after its bridesmaid dress and wedding purpose. Crafted  to show off the waist and shoulders, it is a beautiful addition to any woman's wardrobe. (You know, you;re already thinking where they'll wear this dress again. Yep, us too.)

Jayne Bridesmaid Dress

Absolutely stunning and effortlessly feminine... The Jayne Dress is well loved as the perfect all occasion type dress. It's elegant and versatile as bridesmaid dresses, wedding guest dresses, bridal shower dress, rehearsal dress, and isa total stunner in engagement photos. Created from ultra-soft rayon and in our exclusive prints, Jayne is a floral dress with a flowy and slightly peek-a-boo skirt.

You guys, our bridesmaid dresses are trend-forward and really capture the the casualization of bridesmaid dresses and weddings that is here now. They go quick and we recemmend ordering with as much advance of your wedding date as possible.

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Holiday & Bridesmaid Gift Ideas + Bridesmaid Proposal Giveaway

This article was featured on Wedding Chicks and is written by our Founder and CEO, Charlotte Hale.

I’m often asked about gifting. It seems to be one of those things we’re afraid to do either do too little, too much, or really understand the tradition, protocol and relevance in 2019. 

- How much do I spend?
- Do I honor tradition or create my own?

Holiday gifts and bridesmaid gifts are no exception. I’m honestly not an expert on protocol and tradition, but I do have a decade worth of experience developing, evolving and honoring gift giving in both in the wedding industry and the larger community. There are two gift giving seasons approaching: Holiday Gifting and Bridesmaid Proposals... let’s chat about those.

Holiday Gifts:

I’m totally down with doing exactly feels right to you. I don’t believe there should be a pressure to spend or even gift if the feeling just isn’t there. And if you spent certain amount last year, I’m not a believer that you have to top it year after year or do the same thing the next year just because you did it prior. I honestly believe if you do what feels right to you, what’s in your heart, you’ll be giving something that is special, you. All that said most of us enjoy gifting and really giving that special reminder and token of affection to someone we care about and love. 

My Top Three Favorite Holiday Gifts Right Now:

1. Make something. When someone gifts me something they created, I am always honored and really flattered. I am especially aware of the time and care that was spent making it  and to be the recipient touches me. There are so many beautiful ideas for gifting and crafting out there but one of my favorite inspiration sources are wedding planners who help brides gift there guests for so many things. One of my favorite gifting inspirations currently is Sugokuii Events in Capri. Her Instagram is beautiful, lively and completely fresh.

Bridesmaid Pajama Set

2. Pajama Set in Romantic Soul. Our Plum Pretty Sugar PJ Set in Romantic Soul is one on my new favorites. It’s a beautiful botanical print on high quality soft rayon. It’s one of the pajama sets that will quickly becomes an at-home wardrobe staple. I think it works across ages and it’s consistently well-received. (Also a beautiful bridesmaid pajama set!)

Bridesmaid Pj Set

3. Ruffle Shorts and Cami Set in Boheme. This is another one of our new floral prints in an updated pajama style. It’s flirty and fun and has a versatile 2 in 1 element…both pieces can go from sleep to street and can be worn individually. It’s one of those gifts I’m always excited to give. (Pretty bridal party pajamas too!)

Bridesmaid Proposal:

Will You Be My Bridesmaid? started a few years back and has become increasingly popular. It’s a beautiful and really kind sentiment and a significant coming of age moment. Unfortunately in recent years, I think it’s become diluted and frankly lost its meaning and its integrity amongst the trinkets of gifting. 

I would love to see this beautiful sentiment re-emerge as curated, thoughtful and really polished and honorable. It’s a privilege to have kind women in our lives and to respect them with something as exquisite and as smart as they are, I think, speaks volumes. Investing in a quality product with inspiring origins and elevated simplicity with roots in tradition, is what Plum Pretty Sugar is and started as a decade ago. Gifting a beautiful bridesmaid robe as the bridesmaid proposal is refined and an incomparable memento or heirloom to last long past a wedding as a remarkable and beautiful statement of friendship.

My Top Three Favorite Bridesmaid Robes for Bridesmaid Proposals Right Now:

Bridesmaid Robes

Bridal Party Robes

1. Flutter Bridesmaid Robe in Siren Song: I love the femininity and versatility of our flutter bridesmaids robes. We created them to be worn as both bridal party robes and peach or pool cover ups. They’re finely crafted and our exclusive prints and truly meant as gift to last and last.

Floral Robe

Floral Bridesmaid Robes

2. Midi Bridesmaid Robe in Mermaid Moon: Midi length bridal robes and bridesmaid  robes add an elevated, refined element. The length is one of my personal favorites. We construct them on our high quality rayon so they can be worn indoors or out and washed and worn for many years.

Wedding Robes

 Bridal Robes

3. Hibiscus Fiddle Bridesmaid Robe: This is a fun multi-purpose bridesmaid robe. I love it gifted as a bridesmaid proposal... its unique and unexpected but equally pretty.
Bridesmaid Dresses as Bridesmaid Proposals:

There’s also a new trend we’re seeing within Bridesmaid Proposals…. Gifting bridesmaid dresses, a gift card really, as the proposal. It’s an interesting way to manage the bridesmaid ask, potential budget and the bridesmaid dresses at once. We saw this recently with the purchase of some of our bridesmaid dresses.


We’re honored to giveaway five lounge sets this Season. We’re grateful for all of you. Click here to enter.
Happiest Holidays!

Pantone Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral

Pantone has announced their Color of the Year for 2019... Living Coral. Energetic, warm and with a hint of playfulness, we're all about it. (You did see our recent bridesmaid robe, bridesmaid pjs and bridesmaid dresses launch right?)

Kiss Mix: Pantone Color of the Year 2019 - Living Coral

Our Kiss Mix print features this Pantone beautifully and it's one of our favorites. We combined this coral into a hand-drawn and hand-colored floral that feels sophisticated and modern. In apparel from maxi dresses to maternity dresses to bridal; from bridesmaid robes to bridesmaid pajamas to bridesmaid dresses, we feature Kiss Mix prominently in new collections. 


Dollybird: Pantone Color of the Year 2019 - Living Coral 

We also recently introduced Dollybird in our new Flutter robes. It's currently a single product color in the lighter Living Coral tones and can be used as bridesmaid robes or a pretty piece to cover up at the beach or pool. 

Life in Photographs: Pantone Color of the Year 2019 - Living Coral 

Life in Photographs is also a recently introduced print showcasing Living Coral. It's one of our most lively prints and a sister print to our popular Bella. On a white background, this hand-colored and exclusive print features living coral alongside tones of teal, azure and peach. It's available in a variety of styles including summer dresses, bridesmaid dresses, bridal robes, bridesmaid robes, bridal party pjs and maternity robes.

All the hues: Color of the Year 2019 - Living Coral 

You guys, we've got more prints and solids along tonal lines of this new Pantone color. From peach undertones to red undertones to taupe, click here to see them all.

Scroll down for more prints and styles featuring Living Coral.

bridesmaid dresses

bridesmaid robes

off the shoulder dress

pajama sets

maxi dresses



Life in Photographs:












Finally, about Living Coral on Pantone's website below. You guys, let us know if you think any of our additional pieces apply in this color direction... you know bridesmaid robes, bridal robes, bridesmaid dresses in particular, let us know. We're nearly certain we'll some some stunning weddings featuring Living Coral.

About Living Coral from Pantone 2019:

Vibrant, yet mellow Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.

In reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social media increasingly embedding into daily life, we are seeking authentic and immersive experiences that enable connection and intimacy. Sociable and spirited, the engaging nature of Living Coral welcomes and encourages lighthearted activity. Symbolizing our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits, Living Coral embodies our desire for playful expression.

Representing the fusion of modern life, Living Coral is a nurturing color that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media.

Living Coral emits the desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of color found in nature. In its glorious, yet unfortunately more elusive, display beneath the sea, this vivifying and effervescent color mesmerizes the eye and mind. Lying at the center of our naturally vivid and chromatic ecosystem, Living Coral is evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of color.

Shop our Kiss Mix "Living Coral" collection of bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid robes and more here.

Shop our Life in Photographs "Living Coral" collection of bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid robes and more here.

Shop our Dollybird  "Living Coral" bridesmaid robe and bridal robe here.

Check out our Pantone Color of the Year board on Pinterest for more styles.


Cutest! Flower Girl Robes at Real California Wedding

Looking for something precious to gift for sweet girls or flower girls that you love? Give thanks and show your appreciation to your little ones by giving them a gift they'll remember and cherish for years to come... Yes, we're talking about our super cute girls' floral robes or flower girl robes

Flower Girl Robes
Photo by Brandon Kidd
@jaclyn_elyse Middle right is my daughter and the other three are my nieces! Love this photo and those robes!!!
This darling group of flower girls from are from our kind client, Jaclyn's wedding at the Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, CA. They're wearing kimono robes in The Bee Side. Cutest!

flower girl robe

The Bee Side robe for little ones make perfect holiday gifts, flower girl bridesmaid robes for weddings, and even a sweet Mommy and Me gift. We've got this same design in adult size for the perfect pairing as a floral robe or bridesmaid robes. 

bridesmaid robes

flower girl robe

flower girl outfits

And how can we possibly forget the girls that LOVE pink? Our Sweetheart Robe in Dollface is a pretty mix and match option alongside The Bee Side. Perfectly pretty and pink, this robe is crafted in delicate, whisper-soft rayon with dolman sleeves, finespun lace, and a cute tie at the waist. This little girls robe can be worn with or without the sash for different looks and styling including a low slung, loose belt cinched tightly at the waist. How cute is that?!

Shop here for flower girl robes or flower girl outfits.

Follow our Flower Girls board on Pinterest to see more inspiration and gift ideas for your little ones!

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