Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses Trend

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses are here... and we're all about it. It's one of our all-time favorite bridesmaid dress looks. Recently, the blog Over the Moon, wrote about this mix and match bridesmaid dress trend and featured many floral bridesmaid dresses. 

We're adding a few of our Plum Pretty Sugar favorites to the mix here. From from length bridesmaid dresses to midi bridesmaid dresses and yes, floral bridesmaid dresses.... we have them. We love them mixed together or alternately, mixed with others. It's such a beautiful and honed look!

Our new collection especially features two silhouettes that can be easily mixed matched or paired back to our existing bridesmaid dresses.


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Bridesmaid Pajamas Under $50

Our newbridesmaid pajama sets are under $50! We're so excited to offer bridesmaid pjs under $50 that are beautiful, high quality and crafted to last long after the wedding day festivities. 

We crafted our bridesmaid pjs in several of the prettiest colors and in separates to accommodate a variety of body shapes. We also created them to mix and match to our floral bridesmaid pajamas. We love a mixed and matched or tonal look using a variety of colors of colors and solids. It's a gorgeous way to create a unique look for a bridal party. include several sold white bridal pajama sets as well as a new floral bridal pajama set. 

At $49 you guys! Yes to bridesmaid pajamas under $50!


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Silk Pajamas and Satin Pajamas

Satin pajamas or silk pajamas are a beautiful selection as bridal pajamas or bridesmaid pjs. Our new white bridal pajamas are in an exquisite soft white solid that feels just like silk... but at a beautiful and reasonable price.


Bridesmaid Getting Robes Mix and Match

Our 2020 bridesmaid getting ready robes  are perfect to mix and match. We've been counting the ways to mix them up... and you guys... there are so many! We love it as a way to create a completely unique look for your bridesmaids robes. 

Just like the trend for mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses... mix and match your bridesmaid getting ready robes! include both solid and floral styles as well as a variety of silhouettes.

We love it... what do you guys think?

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Bridesmaid Getting Ready Robes

Some of our 2020 top picks for bridesmaid getting ready robes include both solid and floral styles as well as a variety of silhouettes.

from long to short, femme to fringe each of our bridesmaid getting ready robes can be mixed and matched or worn together to create a unique bridal party look. We're loving warm and romantic tones as well as beautiful floral robes in long, short and fringe. 

Whats your bridesmaid getting ready robes look? Do you like our bridesmaids robe pick picks?



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New Bridesmaid Shirts

When we think about bridesmaid getting ready outfits that aren't bridesmaids robes, we often think about bridesmaid shirts or Boyfriend Shirts. Our new version for 2020 are called His Shirts.

We created our first Boyfriend Shirts many, many years ago (and still have many!), this season however we added a new but similar silhouette.... part sleep shirt or cover up  that casually buttons up the front for easy on and off and are beautifully workable as bridesmaid getting ready outfits. We like to also think of them as bridesmaid shirts.


Shop here for all His Shirts, Boyfriend Shirts, Sleep Shirts and Bridesmaid Shirts!

New Colors for Bridesmaid Robes and PJs

Introducing two new colorways... Narcisse and Rosedust

Inspired by meandering rustic pathways where time and thoughts move slowly, Rosedust and Narcisse bring to mind understated charm and quiet romanticism. Built upon a warm and shimmery color palette of soft coral, rose and latte, they celebrate 2020 in a chic, fresh light. They marry trend and pretty with each coordinating back to an exclusive Plum Pretty Sugar print.

In four exquisite lengths across four delicate and elegant silhouettes, these new robes are imbued with detail, impeccable craftsmanship, and thoughtful hues. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Delicate lines, subtle curves and exciting mix and match opportunities, these feminine sets are equal parts flirty and beautifully sophisticated. Shoulder ties, lightweight flounces and a must-have color story, we’re excited to make the way into the new decade.

These pretty colorways are a pretty selection for bridesmaid robes, bridesmaid pjs and bridesmaid getting ready outfits.




We're so excited to see you all in your bridesmaid robes, bridesmaid pjs and bridesmaid getting ready outfits in these new hues!

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White Bridal Robes 2020

Our new white bridal robes and bridal robe sets are in our pretty Ventana satin fabric. They are a beautiful addition to our existing bridal robes including Lambkin and some of our printed bridal robes including Vista, The Bee Side and Siren Song.

Our new bridal robes are available in five silhouettes and can be paired with our Cleo Set for an exquisite bridal robe set. Silhouettes include our new Femme styles and our simple knee, midi and ankle classic styles. 


Shop these new bridal robes as well as our existing bridal robes and bridal robes sets online. We do recommend ordering with as much advance as your wedding date as possible.

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Bridesmaids and Bridal Giving 2020

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."  - Margaret Mead 

In 2020 Plum Pretty Sugar is evolving our giving strategy to create further impact in the lives of others. We believe every action, small to large, can make a difference.  Our commitment means using business to help as much as we can.

We have made the decision to continue our Buy One and We’ll Give One for 2020 for as long as we possibly can. It means for every piece purchased, we’ll give another piece to women in need and domestic abuse survivors through our partners including Haven Hills, Knock About Abuse West and others.

We’re hopeful to create even greater impact in our communities and hope you’ll join us by making a purchase.


From Charlotte:


We have been lucky enough to meet many brides, families, boutique owners and industry partners. We have also been incredibly fortunate to make connections all over the world whether through our online store, social media or a simple email that became something else entirely.

When I started Plum Pretty Sugar almost eleven years ago, there wasn’t a single bridesmaids robe or bridal robe online and truly nothing that encapsulated the idea of creating meaningful moments and memories before the wedding. There wasn’t a product that engendered friendship and family and that would last as token or a keepsake of that time.

Since then there are hundreds of bridesmaids robe and bridal robe brands and products. From tiny and independent to large and multi-national. There are hundreds of thousands, if not more, of pre-wedding images online. Bridesmaid robes and the getting ready category have been recognized in the New York Times and are well-understood and clearly-modeled business category. And if we are doing it right, millions of friendships and family bonds and memories and have been solidified and made as a result.

This year hasn’t been easy however. As many would imagine, starting a business is difficult. It is tears, sweat, hours and hours of time and research and investing in a belief and a dream. Maintaining a business for eleven years is even harder. Plum Pretty Sugar is privately owned and self-funded and has maintained relationships with industry leaders and kind supporters and believers for over a decade. But it also means hard days, days when doing what we loved felt out of control, when things felt unfair and sad and unbelievable. It meant leaning on ourselves when our gut was all we had. 

Throughout, we’ve been authentic to who we were over a decade ago in 2009. We believe in femininity, in stunning prints, in exquisite color and in beautiful, beautiful quality. We don’t believe in jumping on a fad or a bandwagon that doesn’t ring true. We believe in creating what is in our heart.

There are ever-kind and beautifully creative women and men at this brand. They are whole-hearted believers and incredible humans. They work diligently and with great soul to bring the Plum Pretty Sugar brand forward and forward, over and over. 

2020 will be an important year. We’ll be announcing exciting partnerships, giving back in an even greater way and we will launch several collections. When the brand started, some of these were dreams I never spoke and to see them come to life will be extraordinary. I can't wait to share them with you. 

We are immensely grateful to have your support. I am thankful for the role you have allowed us to play in your wedding, your pregnancy and your every days. It is a true joy and an honor we feel very deeply.

Thank you!

Happy New Year!


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