Between Days

There's a calmness about these parts. Lazy, hazy days between the holiday and the New Year. Time passing slowly. Family, friends and new goodies to behold. And perhaps a Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie lovely or too.

Until the New year and many a new blog... this Plum thanks all of you. Your support has been amazing. Endearing. Significant. Huge.

To all, enjoy these days.... and with so much gratitude.


Before Christmas


{ via Raincloud }

These last few days before Christmas...

There is beauty, softness and a gentle sadness. A year coming to a close, a Holiday upcoming, a business unwinding. Joy, love yet-to-be, peace and a certain sort of grace.

Happy Holidays from Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie.


Well Wish

Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie is garden-inspired. Blooms, botanics, fleur. Nature's art makes this little Plum tres, tres happy.

But today, there is someone not feeling well. Someone who has graced this little Plum with happiness of their own. And so, a well-wish. A feel better. A pleasure sent along.

Many xo's.

Plum Inspiration

                                      { Snow monkeys from time spent in Nagano, Japan }

It is hard to believe the year is almost over. Nearly a year full of Plum inspiration. Almost a year of eagerness, excitement and with some sadness mixed in. It’s what has made this little Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie brand really work this year. 

The idea of being moved, of being touched, of being inspired and being impacted. In the good ways and in the bad. And as I look back, I think about Japan (yes, again!) to when it all really became clear and when Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie was born. 
Today, I’m thinking about snow monkeys in Nagano, Japan. It was Valentine’s Day and a long journey from just outside Tokyo. It was the journey home, and after a stop or two to ancient castles, when I managed to breathe in and think about this day of love and the pleasures it brought. It was then I first came to the idea for Plum. Somehow my little brain had managed to slow down and really think and enjoy… and from out of being loved, being safe, and its moments of joy, the inspiration turned on. A moment close to my heart. Monkeys and all.

What’s your moment of inspiration?

Lingerie Lovin'

Celebrating pretty little things. Lingerie lovelies. Ruffles, ribbon and that oh-so female shape. This little Plum is lingerie-lovin'... and so excited to reveal what might just be under the robe.

And, hint, hint, a perfect little pressie for Holiday givin'.


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This Journey

{ retail images from time spent in Japan }

This little Plum spent several months early this year in Japan. Just outside Tokyo. And while I have shared prior, stories and fun facts that have impacted this little Plum and these little Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie lovelies, I share today the human inspiration. The person that empowered me, moved me and really touched me. The person that in their kindness, their infinite patience and their affection allowed this little Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie brand to come alive. There in the middle of Japan.
And while they'll go nameless and have gone on their way. Their own journey. I thank them for THIS journey. For their unrelenting support. Their knowing. Their deep care. It will always be a part of me. Their love deeply represented in this Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie. I will never forget.

Sweet Rush

The lovely Alex, photographer extraordinaire, has started a sweet, sweet rush with this pretty little photo. Its got this little Plum and a customer or two a' thinking. About this new Fall season... the crisp of autumn... and the identifiable need to cozy-up, and enjoy yummy, plentiful deliciousness.

Yep, the idea of the comfiest, prettiest ever robe, a cup of hot chocolate and a lil' something sweet. This little Plum has a stirring... and some sweet, sweet satisfaction.


{ the sweet satisfaction }

New Bleu

{ By Jackie Rueda }

Its funny. I gravitate to pink. Default without hestitation to a particularly deep, bright, delicious pink. But this little brand has a best-seller and its blue. I call it Darling Jardin Bleu. It is a darker, truer blue than these tres jolies, but I might just turning the corner. Leaning, swaying, following the footsteps of my sweetest-ever Mom... into bleu. A new favorite.


Candy Spools

  { via  }
I remember the craft store. Years ago. Diane and I. The lovelies that called to us, weekend after weekend. Where inside, in a trance, we stood shoulder to shoulder, at the shelf. The spools of colored thread.

A long love affair with shelves laden with thread. Spools like candy, almost ready to eat. Diane and I, transfixed at their beauty.

This one is for you, Diane


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Soft Fall

There's a softness about Fall. A neutralness. Color that disappears after the leaves fall off. Truth in the bareness. Softness in the understanding.

And while this girl's Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie is drenched in color, it is often the neutrals that stand out. Perhaps its the change of seasons or just soothing imagery... here's to beauty in the calm. And Falling into softness.


Polished Eclecticism

I admire eclecticism. Polished eclecticism. The balance of style, of journeys taken. It fulfills me.

Photography for Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie home and bedding lovelies... well, I'm on the hunt for inspiration rooms. Rooms with polished eclecticism... interest, something to adore at every angle, intrigue at every turn. A story along the way.

This little Plum is hard at work pour les photo for duvets and curtain panel pretties... the inspiration here... with a promise for the real thing all too soon.


{ All images from Living Etc. }

At last!

At last! Finalement!

I have decided on a color. For Spring... a new fabric print. Moi and my little Plum self have been sleeping, dreaming and breathing le wheel du couleur. And while le couleur decision has not been one of those artistic inspired 'voila' moments, I'm tres excité about what has developed.

Yep... lilac. A perwinkle of sorts. A soft violety, orchid at times, lavender-ish maybe, and even a little bit plum (on purpose of course). And the print? An indian-inspired floral bloom... unraveled and tied-up blossoms, part playful, part sérieux and elegant nonetheless. It is inspired mainly by my cutest Mom ever. I can't wait to share it with all of you!

Ah, the inspiration...
and with so much love to my Mom. xo

Hot Pink

{ Photo by G.M.B. Akash }

I am saddened deeply by the abuse of women and children in third world nations. Recently I was inspired by an article about a group of women in Banda, India who tired of abuse from their husbands and the ruling townsmen, have come together and are fighting back. In hot pink saris. The color identifies them as empowered. The pink saris have become so popular, shopkeepers cannot keep them stock.

Hot pink. My favorite color. Pops of it in my home, in design, make me happy. Here it is signals empowerment, justice. A powerful color and a powerful story. It also embodies my deep affection for India. Through bright bazaars, alleys so narrow leaning buildings touched, up staircases dripping with sweating cement and across markets and markets filled with beggared men, women and children... I discovered beauty, the fabrics for Plum Pretty Sugar. But what I really discovered was India. Women like these. Cheers to their justice and the overwhelming capacity of color.

(This is a re-post of my very first posting. I bring this forward again as the Gulabi Gang is close to heart. You can more information about these amazing women here.)


A Color

{ photography by i. Anton }

{ photography by i. Anton }

Finding the right color. The exact right shade. The balance between light and dark, too rich and too pale. A color that light travels through, a color that is wearable, a color that emotes good feelings, happiness and positive energy.

I love color and while I'm partial to some, I know my entire little brand can't be a blushing shade of pink (or could it?). And so, I'm a-flutter about a new print featuring a new palette. I'm feeling poppy red, a little bit ruby, with shades of the sweetest, dewy-est green.

These snaps are from the fabulously talented i. Anton. A perfect visual of the colors playing in my minds eye. Ah, inspiration.


Blown Away

{ Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie Tunic Dress/Top. Beckoning Creatures}

Blown Away. Stunned. Almost without words.

The lovely Alessandra de Souza at Gypsy Girl's Guide has taken this little Plum's breath away. She's been a' busy, busy pointing and clicking for a new season, yep, Fall/Winter looks. While her photography is a delight to behold, nothing has prepared me for this. Goodness! I'm a wreck... a blown away wreck of happiness, gratitude and pleasure. The kindness and sheer talent of Alessandra and the stylists and assistants that brought this photo shoot to life is overwhelming. To each of you, I cannot thank you enough.

Without further adieu... our Fall/Winter preview. And, can you believe with so much more to come.

The photo shoot back story too! The talented Liz at Athena Dreams was one of the miracles in all of this. She shares the behind the scenes of the shoot on her own blog. Amazing loveliness. And the goats to boot.

With all the credit in the world to:

♥ Photographer: Alessandra de Souza
♥ Photo Assistant: Liz Kalloch
♥ Model: Alexandra Haag
♥ Stylist: Yumi Takeuchi
♥ Make up and hair: Megan Cavalli


Gypsy Girl

{ Photography by Gypsy Girls Guide }

It is hard to believe 'back to school' is in the air... and goodness, the very idea of Fall. Alas, while this little brand treasures away these end of summer days, we're prepared for the change of seasons. We're Plum Pretty busy, busy coordinating our Fall/Winter photo shoots.

The amazing, lovely and talented-beyond-words, Alessandra at Gypsy Girl's Guide, is doing the creative, wanderlust work. A photographer with a heart and inspiration and a masters degree in day-dreaming. In fact, she's clicking away at this very moment.
Until the beauties are ready to come out of the camera... some of Alessandra's work. Made ever more special to this lil' Plum... India. The birthplace of Plum Pretty Sugar fabrics.


Beach House

These hot summer days are filled with to-die-for beach house cravings and the dreamiest, most lovely, nap with an ocean breeze
urge. Here's to beach living and interior inspiration driven purely by this little Plum Pretty Sugar brand's bedding. Somebody pinch me.


{ vintage furniture and accessories by Fabulous Mess }

{ pillows by Spruce Home and vintage accessory by Fabulous Mess }

{ vintage furniture and accessories by Fabulous Mess }

{ vintage bench by Spruce Home and milk glass by Trampoline }

{ vintage accessories and furniture by Fabulous Mess }

Summer Lovin'

{ Plum Pretty Sugar in Laguna Beach magazine, Ginger Lilly Tea, Lauren Nicole Love, Gugga H }

This lil' Plum Pretty Sugar brand was gifted by Laguna Beach magazine with an editorial shoot last month. This photo (upper left) of our kimono robe in Pink Love Poppy brought so much surprise and joy.

And it got me in a little happy fuss. About Summer lovin'. About long days. About that feeling you get when you know something is just right.
And so... some images. Summer lovin' in mind.


The Connection

There's something intensely connective about being a part of a couple's wedding day. 

And, while this lil' brand may only be providing bridesmaid gifts (ah, our kimono robes) or a honeymoon pressie from the oh-so handsome groom (ah, silk cami dresses), the excitement and the rush of being a part of a new journey is ever-present. So much so, this lil' Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie is all tied-up in the details... the dress, the colors, the locale, the photography. 

Which brings us here. To some exquisite beyond words photography by Aaron and Jen Delesie... made ever more special because of the high school friendship this lil' Plum shared with Jen. Here's to Summer, to those amazing weddings and the connection that somehow manages to join us all. 


Summer Solstice

Honoring Summer Solstice. The longest day. With sun-drenched, light-filled, warm-soaked photography by
Justin Hollar. (And day-dreaming of our next photo shoot). Here's to breathing in... Summer.

This Pleasure

Inspiration landed in this Plum's lap this morning. It fit beyond perfection with some new, dare I say ... amazing... photography. A little piece of moi. A big piece of this little brand.


{ Photography by i. Anton }

Material World

A beach visit. And its hard to believe we live in a material world. Moved by the freedom of nature. Its own design. The harmony of hues. The orchestra of movement. The balance of texture. I hadn't thought it before.
It got this lil' Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie thinking. Grateful, actually. We've been a' selling camis, caftans, tanks as beach cover-ups. Multi-purposeness that I adore. Happy Plum Pretty Sugar is a part of the beach. The harmony. The push and pull of nature. All of us living together. In nature. In beauty. Inspired.

Bedding Bananas

{ Plum Pretty Sugar Duvet Cover in Pastel Stripes print }

Bananas-excited, completely fall-over bananas thrilled really, about our new bedding photography. Duvets, curtain panels, table covers, oh-my! But really, there's just nothing in this whole entire big world like the comfiest, prettiest bed... and goodness we're a' trying. A lil' sneak peek at the 'bananas.'
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