India Heart.

Saris are the song of India. They hum about the streets, the markets, the parks. They sing brightly, colorfully, and against a backdrop of despair and poverty. They whirl around you like a song you can't get out of head. Addicting. Completely. And so, my sweet-as-can-be Mom and I found ourselves in sari shop after sari shop. Obsessed

A jewel of a shop found up staircase after staircase in Delhi. Only after we reached what we thought could possibly be the last staircase, was another. And voila... the prize.

Our self-appointed "guide" made sure he found us.Actually, he wouldn't leave us alone. But we went along. A story for everything, an answer for each question, a business or friend for each of our requests. He was a jack-of-all-trades and a source of giggles and one or two eye-rolls along the way. It wasn't until our last day with him, after money had been exchanged, that he told us his story. And we believed him. He was too poor to keep his infant daughter alive. He couldn't afford the treatment. Good golly, heart broken. Officially.


Elephant Luck

Luck is a hot item these days. So many in need. Yep, trunk up, full-on and lots of it, Elephant Luck.

Elephants are one of my favorite animals. And, traveling in Bahrain a few years ago I discovered Elephant Luck, and identified with it immediately. Trunk up: an elephant is happy... and lucky. Trunk down, luck is lost... flushed away. So days later, when for a steal, I spied a years-of-dust elephant statuette perfect for my mantle in a decrepit Bahraini market that when cleaned up was not just le art du fantastique but sprinkled with the one and only 24 karat gold... this Elephant Luck idea really did my fancy.

But there's more. Elephants touch me. Their emotionality moves me. They cry thick tears in sadness. They mourn and grieve deeply. At the death of a baby elephant, they travel across countries to support one another. And in turn, they smile. They find pleasure in interactiveness. Sweet-as-ever, they hold hands, tails actually.

And so it makes sense, this Elephant Luck.
Here's sending it along. Yep, just forward this post to someone in need. 


Hot Pink

{ Photo by G.M.B. Akash }

I am saddened deeply by the abuse of women and children in third world nations. Recently I was inspired by an article about a group of women in Banda, India who tired of abuse from their husbands and the ruling townsmen, have come together and are fighting back. In hot pink saris. The color identifies them as empowered. The pink saris have become so popular, shopkeepers cannot keep them stock.

Hot pink. My favorite color. Pops of it in my home, in design, make me happy. Here it is signals empowerment, justice. A powerful color and a powerful story. It also embodies my deep affection for India. Through bright bazaars, alleys so narrow leaning buildings touched, up staircases dripping with sweating cement and across markets and markets filled with beggared men, women and children... I discovered beauty, the fabrics for Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie. But what I really discovered was India. Women like these

Cheers to their justice and the overwhelming capacity of color
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