The Connection

There's something intensely connective about being a part of a couple's wedding day. 

And, while this lil' brand may only be providing bridesmaid gifts (ah, our kimono robes) or a honeymoon pressie from the oh-so handsome groom (ah, silk cami dresses), the excitement and the rush of being a part of a new journey is ever-present. So much so, this lil' Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie is all tied-up in the details... the dress, the colors, the locale, the photography. 

Which brings us here. To some exquisite beyond words photography by Aaron and Jen Delesie... made ever more special because of the high school friendship this lil' Plum shared with Jen. Here's to Summer, to those amazing weddings and the connection that somehow manages to join us all. 



able mabel said...

Wow, wow, wow! Now those are gorgeous pictures!!

gail said...

Hi :) You have a beautiful blog! I have enjoyed looking around. Your work is so pretty.


sandy said...

I stopped by to welcome you to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!

Valerie said...

Such pretty pictures. Why in the world do weddings have such an effect on us? I absolutely love them!

I am stopping over to welcome you to SITS. I know your going to enjoy being a part of our SITStahood!

Joy said...

Amazing photography!

Stopping by to say welcome to the SITS community!

The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

What a fun site you've got. Here from SITS to say hi & welcome to the gang! Have a great day.

Two Pretty Little Skirts said...

You have such a beautiful blog my dear! Gorgeous photos too.
Stopping by from SITS to say welcome to our wonderful SITStahood!


Aubrey said...

Ooohhhhh. This just got me even MORE excited for my little sister's wedding this Friday. Eeeee!!!

Coming by from SITS with a big HELLO & Welcome!

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