Blown Away

{ Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie Tunic Dress/Top. Beckoning Creatures}

Blown Away. Stunned. Almost without words.

The lovely Alessandra de Souza at Gypsy Girl's Guide has taken this little Plum's breath away. She's been a' busy, busy pointing and clicking for a new season, yep, Fall/Winter looks. While her photography is a delight to behold, nothing has prepared me for this. Goodness! I'm a wreck... a blown away wreck of happiness, gratitude and pleasure. The kindness and sheer talent of Alessandra and the stylists and assistants that brought this photo shoot to life is overwhelming. To each of you, I cannot thank you enough.

Without further adieu... our Fall/Winter preview. And, can you believe with so much more to come.

The photo shoot back story too! The talented Liz at Athena Dreams was one of the miracles in all of this. She shares the behind the scenes of the shoot on her own blog. Amazing loveliness. And the goats to boot.

With all the credit in the world to:

♥ Photographer: Alessandra de Souza
♥ Photo Assistant: Liz Kalloch
♥ Model: Alexandra Haag
♥ Stylist: Yumi Takeuchi
♥ Make up and hair: Megan Cavalli


Gypsy Girl

{ Photography by Gypsy Girls Guide }

It is hard to believe 'back to school' is in the air... and goodness, the very idea of Fall. Alas, while this little brand treasures away these end of summer days, we're prepared for the change of seasons. We're Plum Pretty busy, busy coordinating our Fall/Winter photo shoots.

The amazing, lovely and talented-beyond-words, Alessandra at Gypsy Girl's Guide, is doing the creative, wanderlust work. A photographer with a heart and inspiration and a masters degree in day-dreaming. In fact, she's clicking away at this very moment.
Until the beauties are ready to come out of the camera... some of Alessandra's work. Made ever more special to this lil' Plum... India. The birthplace of Plum Pretty Sugar fabrics.


Beach House

These hot summer days are filled with to-die-for beach house cravings and the dreamiest, most lovely, nap with an ocean breeze
urge. Here's to beach living and interior inspiration driven purely by this little Plum Pretty Sugar brand's bedding. Somebody pinch me.


{ vintage furniture and accessories by Fabulous Mess }

{ pillows by Spruce Home and vintage accessory by Fabulous Mess }

{ vintage furniture and accessories by Fabulous Mess }

{ vintage bench by Spruce Home and milk glass by Trampoline }

{ vintage accessories and furniture by Fabulous Mess }
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