Gypsy Girl

{ Photography by Gypsy Girls Guide }

It is hard to believe 'back to school' is in the air... and goodness, the very idea of Fall. Alas, while this little brand treasures away these end of summer days, we're prepared for the change of seasons. We're Plum Pretty busy, busy coordinating our Fall/Winter photo shoots.

The amazing, lovely and talented-beyond-words, Alessandra at Gypsy Girl's Guide, is doing the creative, wanderlust work. A photographer with a heart and inspiration and a masters degree in day-dreaming. In fact, she's clicking away at this very moment.
Until the beauties are ready to come out of the camera... some of Alessandra's work. Made ever more special to this lil' Plum... India. The birthplace of Plum Pretty Sugar fabrics.



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