Hot Pink

{ Photo by G.M.B. Akash }

I am saddened deeply by the abuse of women and children in third world nations. Recently I was inspired by an article about a group of women in Banda, India who tired of abuse from their husbands and the ruling townsmen, have come together and are fighting back. In hot pink saris. The color identifies them as empowered. The pink saris have become so popular, shopkeepers cannot keep them stock.

Hot pink. My favorite color. Pops of it in my home, in design, make me happy. Here it is signals empowerment, justice. A powerful color and a powerful story. It also embodies my deep affection for India. Through bright bazaars, alleys so narrow leaning buildings touched, up staircases dripping with sweating cement and across markets and markets filled with beggared men, women and children... I discovered beauty, the fabrics for Plum Pretty Sugar. But what I really discovered was India. Women like these. Cheers to their justice and the overwhelming capacity of color.

(This is a re-post of my very first posting. I bring this forward again as the Gulabi Gang is close to heart. You can more information about these amazing women here.)



Gypsy Alex said...

Thanks for sharing this, Charlotte! I have a big love for India as well. The hot pink movement gave me chills! xo

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