Sweet Rush

The lovely Alex, photographer extraordinaire, has started a sweet, sweet rush with this pretty little photo. Its got this little Plum and a customer or two a' thinking. About this new Fall season... the crisp of autumn... and the identifiable need to cozy-up, and enjoy yummy, plentiful deliciousness.

Yep, the idea of the comfiest, prettiest ever robe, a cup of hot chocolate and a lil' something sweet. This little Plum has a stirring... and some sweet, sweet satisfaction.


{ the sweet satisfaction }

New Bleu

{ By Jackie Rueda }

Its funny. I gravitate to pink. Default without hestitation to a particularly deep, bright, delicious pink. But this little brand has a best-seller and its blue. I call it Darling Jardin Bleu. It is a darker, truer blue than these tres jolies, but I might just turning the corner. Leaning, swaying, following the footsteps of my sweetest-ever Mom... into bleu. A new favorite.


Candy Spools

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I remember the craft store. Years ago. Diane and I. The lovelies that called to us, weekend after weekend. Where inside, in a trance, we stood shoulder to shoulder, at the shelf. The spools of colored thread.

A long love affair with shelves laden with thread. Spools like candy, almost ready to eat. Diane and I, transfixed at their beauty.

This one is for you, Diane


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Soft Fall

There's a softness about Fall. A neutralness. Color that disappears after the leaves fall off. Truth in the bareness. Softness in the understanding.

And while this girl's Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie is drenched in color, it is often the neutrals that stand out. Perhaps its the change of seasons or just soothing imagery... here's to beauty in the calm. And Falling into softness.

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