New Bleu

{ By Jackie Rueda }

Its funny. I gravitate to pink. Default without hestitation to a particularly deep, bright, delicious pink. But this little brand has a best-seller and its blue. I call it Darling Jardin Bleu. It is a darker, truer blue than these tres jolies, but I might just turning the corner. Leaning, swaying, following the footsteps of my sweetest-ever Mom... into bleu. A new favorite.



Erica said...

Very pretty. When I was at FIDM we were told that blue is the most popular favorite color (ie USE IT).

I have always been more of a red person as well, so it is always difficult for me to use blue.

The Bella Girls said...

My sister is getting married in a couple of months and her colors are a similar "ice" blue (like the photo) and an antique silver. So dreamy... Thanks for sharing.


elena-lu said...

ooh ive always loved blues! deep navy bright royals and soft baby ones that are merely a tint of color they are all just beautiful to me!

thea said...

hmmmmmm, yes it's gorgeous isn't it... very calming.


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