Sexy Eve

Just in time for New Years Eve, the second installment of our new Plum List!

This time a few things we think are hard to pass up for a sexy New Years Eve spent in. Alone or with a loved one, these pretties are girly, glam fun. And with a Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie robe... ah!

Wishing you the happiest New Year.

{ Featuring } :
 ~Fragrance by Yosh at B-Glowing 
 ~Diamonds at Deborah Mellen
 ~Lingerie by Zinke at Faire Frou Frou
 ~Seating at Shop AD
 ~Heels by Miu Miu at Net A Porter


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Into 2011

The origami swan symbolizes a life passage. The swan itself a symbol of love, elegance and exquisiteness. And so this image feels right. It moves this Plum forward with grace and with beauty. With reflection and one day with understanding. Into 2011.

And possibly, possibly one of these days a new print including a design crush, a sweet bird.

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A Gift

Christmas Eve Day. A day of wonder and sweet anticipation. A day of preparation and thoughtfulness.

And a gift. Celebrating the holiday. This magical time of year. Free shipping at using the code: MERRY. Now until New Years Eve. And an entry to a drawing of plenty. Of pretty things from this little Plum. A giftable collection of loungerie.


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Cuddle Up

The days that lead up to Christmas. Sometimes sweet, almost always a rush. 

Sending along a little Plum love...  gentle relaxation, a spot of lounge. A cuddle up with a loved one, in something comfy, admist warmth. While packages tied up with string await opening.

Celebrating the softer notes.

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C'est Noel

{ Top row: Tiffany & Co., Bottom row: Simply Seductive via Marie Claire, Tiffany & Co. }

This week before Christmas, the last six days... this Plum sends many a kind thanks. To the men. To the many a thoughtful and those with perhaps a sweet little list... for visiting this Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie
So truly, your support means more than you can ever imagine. Here's to the love, the Holiday love, and hoping she so adores that dreamy, cozy little set, that robe and all the heart-filled loveliness.

With sincere gratitude and a so many a wish for the happiest ever Holidays.


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Pink Cheer

  { via Coco and Kelly }

Holiday parties in full swing. 

This year in sweet, perfect pink. A pink dress, a pink cocktail and a pink robe robe gifted purposely.

Red and green farewell... celebrating the season in Plum style... ah... pink.


Spring Story

 { via Sugar and Fluff featuring Vanity Fair}

While the Holidays are jingle belling, Santa sleighing and gift giving... and oh love, love the whirlwind so, so much. Alas, in the midst of the happy cheer... a little work. Spring. 

A taupe-y peach-y palette. A storyboard of perhaps a fabric to come. And travel.

Tickets to be booked to the other side of the world. With a loved one. The vision in mind. The inspiration. Thoughts yet to be played out.

Spring. It will be here soon enough.


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Holiday Love

The very first Plum List. A chic selection of lust-have picks... and just in time for Holiday gifting. 

This little number, or shall we say List, has been in the works for some time... sweetly awaiting just the right moment. It features all gorgeousness we love and with a style and sensibility we think works perfectly alongside Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie. A list for a lifestyle of lovely.

The Plum List. A list of loves, of lust-worthiness, of life made chic. A toast of more to come...

{ Featuring } :
 ~Jewelry by Elva Fields
 ~Fashion by Jules Reid
 ~Seating via Shop AD
 ~Fragrance by Monyette Paris
 ~Cosmetics via B-Glowing
 ~Literature by Penguin Classics


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Little Wonders

A long time coming and the wait so rewarding. Sweet new loungerie  just in time for Holiday gifting. 

These gorgeous little photos are from our Malibu photo shoot with the ever-talented Marisa Holmes. Marisa shot so beautifully these new little wonders... so feminine, sweet but with a little sex appeal and always so, so lovely. We love the doll-faced Meghan in the new Darling Jardin Bleu V-Back tunic and Amber in the new lust-have genie pant.

And oh the shoot! An amazing day and pulled together by the talent of so many. Cathi Singh who delightfully created all the hair and makeup, the talented Brooke Keegan who styled the shoot... and with so many thanks to Ten Things who generously developed jewelery. Hard work but with so much laughter and fun... truly a day to remember.

So much gratitude. For amazing and truly talented women, the kindness of so many and gosh, these sweet new items.

So many xo's.

Snuggle Factor

The pieces that have given this little brand life... so, so many things! Here a little bit more of the back story... a continuation of sorts... on an original post.

These little photos are about texture. About photographing it, about its importance in selling, in marketing and in branding. And while I can't remember the sources (forgive me!), I do remember the snuggle factor and the instant feeling these images brought to mind. Their success in portraying a texture, a softness that would be important. And while certainly Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie is a lot less fluffy, the element of immediate textural understanding is an inspiration.

Ah! Sweet, fluffy inspiration.

(And oh, some Behind the Scenes video footage of a recent photo shoot too!)


Minds Eye

 east west spring fall / oil on 8 canvas' / Astrid Preston

The landscape of the minds eye. The idea of one what person sees in an image, a print, a pattern, art. It was just that concept that somehow rolled around in my thoughts... not quite a finalized idea, but something there ...awaiting a conclusion of some kind.

It has been nearly a month since I was introduced to Astrid Preston at Craig Krull Gallery in Bergamot Station. Sweet friends and I took a jaunt over for a look and for a hello to the kind and so very talented Kelly, who works at the gallery.

I recognized Preston's path. That in these gorgeous landscapes she asked us to look closer, look deeper, see past the flora, the foliage and into the abstraction, the emptiness past all the fullness. The contradiction between empty and full. The lush... and the simultaneous bare. The outside versus the inside. The book versus its cover. The beautiful polarity.

And while I thought through Astrid's art, the telling of her minds eye, my thoughts, my eye, went immediately to the beauty of the pattern, the flora, the color. I imagined the patterns repeated across a larger landscape and where a flower and a branch might be cut and sewn, designed and made into something beautiful. I imagined 'east west spring fall' and 'wild spring' transformed into fabric and beautifully crafted, draped about a robe, a tunic. Beauty to live in. 

Grateful for the minds eye. And talent and inspiration such as Astrid Preston.

 woven memories / oil on linen / Astrid Preston

wild spring / oil on linen / Astrid Preston

Window World

It was last month when I shared 'The Story,' a little blog post regarding the back story... the bulletin board within my computer that unknowingly and so sweetly (and with so much surprise!) comes together and gives this brand life. A theme.

That bulletin board is jam-packed... and here I share just a little bit more. Images saved and another theme... windows! Separated by months and sometimes years, these gorgeous images all feature windows! Unknowingly I have collected their lightness, their brightness, their sheerness. 

And so it makes sense, this back story. Light, freshness, and that airy sheer feel is so important to this little Plum brand. Windows... the representation.


Change Ahead

{ by Iva in Croatia }
There is change about. Circling, blowing, breezing, swarming. A lilt, a bend, a hook, an around the corner. Change of sweet. Of delicious fun. Of difficult complexity. Of growth. Of knowing. Of kind understanding. In this thing. In all things. Change. Ahead.

Celebrating happy change. A new website. New at And with wishes and gratitude to Kellen at Bud Web Design and sweet, sweet Kristi.


Jennifer's Letter

Jennifer Behr, your work is stunning. So completely over the moon is this little brand with your artistry, your styling and photography. Goodness... we are stopped in our tracks. 

You see, as we make our way further and further into the sweet category of wedding, your brand stands out. So captivating, elegant, sexy, and on top of the trend. It is irresistible. Inspiring. 

So thrilled to make your acquaintance.

Inspiration Perfect

It was a few months ago as this little brand furthered its way in the wedding industry (such love!) that Jenny Packham first left her imprint. A couture line of wedding dresses designed by Jenny are so wonderfully exquisite, un-ordinary in a fantastic way, beautifully studied and artful... her work immediately captured this brand's imagination. 

Imagine the delight at finding her Spring 2011 ready to wear collection as presented in New York! Here, Jenny's work stuns. Inspiration perfect.



The Story

There was an interview the other day. A question. A question about a sense of story. About where it came from for Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie... and how all the pieces came to fit together. It was a sweet, sweet interview and I thought nothing about the question at the time. 

And then, deep in the "bulletin board" of my computer where saved are images, quotes and all kinds of information, did I realize was the answer to that interview question. Scroll after scroll, the images came together in different collections, different seasons, in color palettes and with a situation, an environment, an energy. That within the seeming randomness was a clear theme complete with back stories and a future directive. Ah!

And so I share a few of these images, the answer to that question. The story, the pieces that have given this little Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie life... (and more to come!) Some of them obvious, some of them much less so. 

These, two separate images from two separate unknown sources. But a story. About the ease of glamour, of fashion that is thoughtful and intelligent. With a vibrancy and an energy and a sense of emotion. With a palette in color and with so much beauty.


Impeccable Moment

This Plum Pretty Sugar brand is having a L'Wren Scott moment. A Spring 2011 obsession... or inspiration shall we say. Her newest collection is so wonderfully impeccable, feminine, chic and luxe. And the colors... a world of inspiration. 

Ah! L'Wren you're driving this little brand Plum wild! xo


Swinging Success

{ Compilation by Niki D }

Celebrating happy, girly success. Dreamy, swinging, heel-clicking success. A pretty little butterfly release. Success at something new to come. Images, photos, a little bit of fun. A lifestyle poured out in photography. This lifestyle. Plum Pretty Sugar. In the moments to come....


New Life

{ All photography by Anna Aden }

There's something beautiful in the air this week. Gorgeous anticipation. Lovely apprehension. A feeling of something just around the corner... beauty waiting to happen. A new life from behind the lens.

This week, a photo shoot. Malibu. The talent of so many. Including and with so much gratitude... Marisa Holmes, Amber Zayer, Meghan McCann, Brooke Keegan, Cathi Singh, Belen Otero.

With much to come... xo

Fall Fresh

Fall approaches with a breath of fresh air. And so a new photo shoot for this little Plum brand. Much to ponder, dream and imagine.

Here imagery by Charlotte Boeyden in Antwerp, Belgium make such an impact. Light, thoughtful and intelligent. Inspiration perfect.

Gray Shades

  { Photography by nube de lluvia }

There is much a haze in California this Summer. Life at the beach has stretched into days moody, gray and somehow beautiful. An a-typical break from the blue.

And so it makes this Plum think about shades of gray. The ambiguity in them. The beauty. And when it comes to print and pattern, how difficult it is to create one so perfectly pretty. Alive but subdued. Unexpected and must-have. Something to think about for this little brand.

And with hazy days ahead, a little time to ponder it all.


Dream Anew

So many dreams. And these days dreams seem to be light, fluffy, bright... animal-filled somehow. A tent on a summer day, a unicorn, the sounds of birds amidst a cool breeze. Evening, tea in porcelain. Conversation and a cool duvet. Hair let loose, a handsome man. A garden of eden. And a bunny or two.

Dreams of Summer. Romantic how they change. With a season, with a mood... against a backdrop all anew. And so, inspiration for this little Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie brand. And perhaps an animal or two finely hidden amidst an upcoming new fabric print.

Awake to dream...


Bond Girl

{ Images by Corrie Bond }

This little brand is just smitten with photography these days. Obsessed, un petit peau! There is so much gorgeous, amazing photography out there in this world and hours and hours have been spent loving and admiring talents and phenomenal works of art.

But when Corrie Bond's images came to light, the world seemed to stop. So incredible! Divine! Scenes and moments to crawl into. Posted here is a series that felt so fresh and lovely, feminine and soft. And seemed to work nicely with this little brands new fabric... Lilac With Ribbons Tied Up With String. The tres jolie color is on the mind.

Corrie Bond, your talent is truly amazing!



Cushion Cool

Cushions. Something new for home and bed for Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie. A new little project to be worked on. 

My very lovely friend Kelle sent along these gorgeous photos she collected along her recent blog travels. She predicted, and goodness, so very correctly they would provide amazing, happy and pretty-as-can-be inspiration.

Sending along so many a merci to Kelle... and to the cushions to come!

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