Love Collaged

There is nothing in the world like the support of fellow artists and designers. Their energy, vibrance and their sage critiques mean so much to this little brand.

Just today, the lovely Nichola at Knit Frekkles sent along some love and collaged this little Plum's Coco Girl Good cami dress into a little art work of sorts. She beautifully combined the dress alongside some gorgeous photography from artists the world-over. A little revision and a peek at some of her aesthetic...

C'est magnique n'est pas?


In Dreams

 { via }

There are many tres jolie images taken so exquisitely by the lovely Tricia at Equinox Photo that I dream about them. I dream about them in black and white, in sepia, in full live and bright color. I think of them cropped, backed up like on a horizon. I imagine them combined, blurred, collaged. They cross my minds eye at inadvertent moments.

Here, I share some of the behind the scenes... as perfectly shot and as beautiful as those "in front" of the camera. These too, a part of my dreams.


{ Oh-so gorgeous images by Equinox Photo }

Sea Foam

{ Pretty, pretty "sea-foam" imagery as seen on Bliss }

Beach, ocean, nature... so often inspire Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie. This almost-Spring weekend is no exception. A planned weekend spent at a sea-foam ocean on a beach of pretty brings so much quiet, peace and happiness.

Here's honoring that sea-foam... the lazy, dreamy days to come. And the inspiration that arises.

Happy weekend lovelies.


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