Love Collaged

There is nothing in the world like the support of fellow artists and designers. Their energy, vibrance and their sage critiques mean so much to this little brand.

Just today, the lovely Nichola at Knit Frekkles sent along some love and collaged this little Plum's Coco Girl Good cami dress into a little art work of sorts. She beautifully combined the dress alongside some gorgeous photography from artists the world-over. A little revision and a peek at some of her aesthetic...

C'est magnique n'est pas?



miss frekkles said...

Thank you so much for the mention.
Its the first time that I have been. I love the 4 images you put together they look dreamy. *sigh*
I hope I get a lovely summer.

kat said...

What a gorgeous collage,I love your willing skin's photos and you have chosen such perfect ones to go with it.
Will go have a look at your flickr photos now babe!
wishes kat

ShirazandFrenchBlue said...

Oui, Tres Manifique!

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