Inspiration Channeled

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This week's photo shoot is finis! And with the sure-to-be gorgeous images to come, here's just a lil' peek at the inspiration we channeled. Sienna and Brigitte. Their soft, pretty and dewy, sexy look was something we sought hard to capture.

It was a lovely, talent-filled, light-filled happy day. Marisa Holmes, photographer extraordinaire, and Jennifer Bueno, fashion stylist phenom, were up to the part and their talent left me speechless. And oh, the models... incredible! Pretty, pretty as can be!

I can hardly wait to share the new images with you. The talent of these ladies... is well, overwhelming. New photo pretties coming soon... Plum Promise.


Sweet Things

{ photo by Jackie Rueda }

Sweet things are coming. Some of them in pink... and some in well, lilac. And while they might be not quite as delicious or as edible as these, they are to this Plum as perfectly lovely, as fantastically feminine and as pretty as-can-be.

It is a sweet day soon... a sweet, happy day of new Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie.

Did I say sweet things are coming? Mais oui!


Beaucoup Pretty

{ Pretty, pretty photography by Marisa Holmes }

Spring starts once a year. And Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie is tres excited to begin a cheerful new season with a photo shoot by the delightful and so fabulously artful, Marisa Holmes.

We're wrapping our creative minds around a perfect locale, a model beautiful in her skin and oh, the new lovelies from this lil' brand. Jennifer at Beauty To Be is bringing her expertise in styling... and voila... a shoot prepped for Spring and beaucoup, beaucoup pretty.

Here's to Marisa and Jennifer and all the fabulous talent. Here, a gorgeous gallery of Marisa's amazing work. With Plum Pretty Sugar-ness to come!


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Backless Penchant

{ All images courtesy of favorite blog, Dustjacket Attic }

It has been mentioned, shall we say, about a man I know with a penchant for backless dresses. A penchant for something so sexy, so beautiful, so exquisite, I'm determined, fate-like, to have one.

And this man (shall we say) leaves me with an appealing, bewitching, almost beguiling, Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie inspiration. For a silhouette that is backless. Bare. Beautifully. Completely. For a chemise that enchants and moreso than the current low-backed cami, but for a silhouette stripped alluringly of a back altogether.

Ah! Inspiration. And thank you (shall we say) to that man I know.


Wedding Woodland

{ Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie  cami dresses featuring
Wanda Goldberg and Betsy Tomasello in a photo by Equinox Photo }

This little Plum is loves the idea of "woodland." Of rustic chic. Of pretties in a natural environment. Always, always, lovin' the idea of something forest, garden, beach or ocean-inspired. It is at the very core of this little brand.

Last week, when this lil' photo was featured in a lil' bit o' blog regarding 'wedding woodland,' it sent this lil' Plum's head a' spinning! What could be better? A woodland-inspired wedding... tres, tres jolie!

And so this weekend has been filled with wedding-y woodland-y thoughts. A brainstorm or too about brides-to-be and this lil' Plum blossoming in that bridal-y world. Ooooh la la!

Here's sending so many congratulations to all those brides-to-be... I hope the blog (and photo too!) inspired you as much as me.

And to that woodland-y wedding-y loveliness!

{ More Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie real-life brides here: 1, 2, 3 } 


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Whimsy Boho

{ Photography by Samantha Lamb, Showcased by Laura "Bootsie King." }

I'm asking around these days. Questioning. Seeking. Looking for a lil' bit about this lil' brand. What do you think? How would you describe it? What words would you use? What feeling does it evoke? Gosh, so many questions... this Plum is just full up. Goodness!

"Boho Whimsy." Two words that keep coming up. Appearing. Forming. Words to really think through, think on, as I grow this lil' brand.

And so, some imagery. Some gorgeous photos of my current sensibility. "Boho Whimsy."


Sweet Year

{ L-R: Photography by Zee Lonenecker }

Easter celebrates Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie's first anniversaire. Mais oui! And goodness it is hard to believe it is just around the corner!

Here I celebrate the pastels of Easter, the joy of Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie and the celebration of almost a year. This lil' Plum thinks these tres jolie images are just the dreamy-est, candy-est, sweet-est... perfection for a sweet, sweet year.

Thank you lovelies. Thank you a whole, whole ton. It means the world.

xo... so much!

Gypsy California

It came up yesterday, just in chatting, a random conversation. About Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie and the "gypsy California" feel it seems to have. It was put to me so wonderfully and with such a fresh perspective that I moved about all day thinking of Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie in a new light. A California lightness of sorts. A soft haze, a moody but happy feeling and with a brightness all around.

Esoteric, yes... but sense, a little, found in these images. I hope you see it too.


Silhouette Pleasure

{ All images via dustjacket attic }

I've been thinking recently about new silhouettes, styles essentially, for Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie. New floaty lovely bodies that are dreamy-sweet and whisper-soft about the skin. Silhouettes that fit beautifully, in comfort and with a chic about them that can go anywhere. Lazy, happy and a little bit ethereal.

Some inspiration here. And all from from one of my most-fave fashion blogs, dustjacket attic.

May my mind is clear enough to put all this inspiration together... oh! to a new silhouette or two!


{ I particularly adore this back... but then again, I do know a man
with a penchant for backless dresses. }

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