Sweet Year

{ L-R: Photography by Zee Lonenecker }

Easter celebrates Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie's first anniversaire. Mais oui! And goodness it is hard to believe it is just around the corner!

Here I celebrate the pastels of Easter, the joy of Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie and the celebration of almost a year. This lil' Plum thinks these tres jolie images are just the dreamy-est, candy-est, sweet-est... perfection for a sweet, sweet year.

Thank you lovelies. Thank you a whole, whole ton. It means the world.

xo... so much!


Hey ❤ Zee said...

Merveilleux ! Merci beaucoup ! J'aime le Printemps !

Kellie Collis said...

Congratulations. Your work is fabulous!! x

henzy said...

gorgeous finds.. love all the dreamy pastels.. congrats on your anniversary..

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