Wedding Woodland

{ Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie  cami dresses featuring
Wanda Goldberg and Betsy Tomasello in a photo by Equinox Photo }

This little Plum is loves the idea of "woodland." Of rustic chic. Of pretties in a natural environment. Always, always, lovin' the idea of something forest, garden, beach or ocean-inspired. It is at the very core of this little brand.

Last week, when this lil' photo was featured in a lil' bit o' blog regarding 'wedding woodland,' it sent this lil' Plum's head a' spinning! What could be better? A woodland-inspired wedding... tres, tres jolie!

And so this weekend has been filled with wedding-y woodland-y thoughts. A brainstorm or too about brides-to-be and this lil' Plum blossoming in that bridal-y world. Ooooh la la!

Here's sending so many congratulations to all those brides-to-be... I hope the blog (and photo too!) inspired you as much as me.

And to that woodland-y wedding-y loveliness!

{ More Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie real-life brides here: 1, 2, 3 } 


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EtsyFoodSnob said...

This photo makes me happy and your blog is so beautiful!

natasja said...

your blog is lovely

Kellie Collis said...

fabulous picture. Full of beauty, what divine fabric xx

annechovie said...

What a beautiful blog! Going to check out your store. Have a great Monday!

koralee said...

Those dresses are amazing..I am so in love with that photo. Thank you for visitng me..your blog is so to visit some of your past posts...and find more about plum pretty sugar. xo

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