Whimsy Boho

{ Photography by Samantha Lamb, Showcased by Laura "Bootsie King." }

I'm asking around these days. Questioning. Seeking. Looking for a lil' bit about this lil' brand. What do you think? How would you describe it? What words would you use? What feeling does it evoke? Gosh, so many questions... this Plum is just full up. Goodness!

"Boho Whimsy." Two words that keep coming up. Appearing. Forming. Words to really think through, think on, as I grow this lil' brand.

And so, some imagery. Some gorgeous photos of my current sensibility. "Boho Whimsy."



Art Garden Diva said...

Romantic whimsy comes to mind when I think of your style. Very romantic.

Kelly Berkey said...

boho whimsy is lovely! i feel so whimsical in my darling robe. i hate to take it off!
so glad to see you doing so well, i know a few of my readers are wanting to by my robe after i showcased it...even my sister who lives in cali!!
i'm celebrating making five sales in my little etsy shop this week...a record for me! hope it keeps growing!

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