Blank Interpretation

{ Summer Studio, New Jersey }

is beauty in progression. Artistry. The process of evolvement. The blank slate interpreted. The guts of the journey. In ourselves, in art, in business.

And so when Kim at Summer Studio sent along images of her new shop, they stopped me in my tracks. And while this brand is so very thrilled to be a part of the Studio, it was the path that struck me. The images portrayed perfectly the grace, the elegance, the vibrance of process. The energy of creation.

Perhaps a reflection of my own journey, in this business and in others. Perhaps a reiteration of a dream I once had. But without question, beautiful.

And with that, sending Kim wishes for prosperity and a ton of good energy for her opening this weekend.


{ Summer Studio, New Jersey }

{ Summer Studio, New Jersey }

The Nap

{ via Niki }


Can it be an extended Sunday? A day full of sweet, lazy naps, a cozy, pretty robe, coffee and a loved one to breathe in. To nap. In this Plum Pretty Sugar world... Sunday is any day. Loungerie and all.


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Eclectic Intelligence

Rooms full of life, of journeys taken. And somehow still soothing, still peaceful... filled with an energy so buoyant, you desperately want to move in.

Through the process of this last photo shoot, I find myself drawn instantly and with some magneticity, to locations, rooms, situations where this little brand just might fit in. Here I imagine Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie. Dreamy and with a sort of eclectic intelligence. A path, a road... an interesting understanding of the ebb and flow of dreams, living and how it all comes together.

Amazing the imagination... the creative flow. I hope you see it too.


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In Awe

{ Plum Pretty Sugar photographed by Marisa Holmes }

Without words. Speechless. In awe.

For... the beauty of these photos. The amazing women involved. And for that lovely energy, that little bit of graceful, romantic, wistful but dreamy spirit that is captured about this little Plum brand.

While there are so many photos to come... I extend my enormous gratitude, my sincere appreciation to each of you. To these talented, truly gorgeous women that made this happen. Thank you to each of you. I am grateful, unbelievably so.

A sneak peek at all the pretty... and
much, much love to:

-Marisa Holmes, photographer extraordinaire
-Jennifer Bueno, make-up and stylist genuis
-Amber Principe, model for her pretty, pretty beauty
-Meghan McCann, model for her stunning, stunning allure

{ Amber Principe in Plum Pretty Sugar new Lilac print
photographed by Marisa Holmes }

{ Meghan McCann in Plum Pretty Sugar Beckoning Creatures robe photographed by Marisa Holmes }

{ Amber Principe in Plum Pretty Sugar Beckoning Creatures scarfband and tank photographed by Marisa Holmes }

{ Meghan McCann in Plum Pretty Sugar new Lilac print tunic photographed by Marisa Holmes }

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