Eclectic Intelligence

Rooms full of life, of journeys taken. And somehow still soothing, still peaceful... filled with an energy so buoyant, you desperately want to move in.

Through the process of this last photo shoot, I find myself drawn instantly and with some magneticity, to locations, rooms, situations where this little brand just might fit in. Here I imagine Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie. Dreamy and with a sort of eclectic intelligence. A path, a road... an interesting understanding of the ebb and flow of dreams, living and how it all comes together.

Amazing the imagination... the creative flow. I hope you see it too.


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The Zhush said...

full of life indeed! loved this!

Design Darling said...

beautiful post. the best rooms are the ones decorated over time with relics of travels taken and friends made, don't you think?

maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

I see it! I see it! definitely wonderful inspiration & vignettes...and how amazing are those trunks!

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