In Awe

{ Plum Pretty Sugar photographed by Marisa Holmes }

Without words. Speechless. In awe.

For... the beauty of these photos. The amazing women involved. And for that lovely energy, that little bit of graceful, romantic, wistful but dreamy spirit that is captured about this little Plum brand.

While there are so many photos to come... I extend my enormous gratitude, my sincere appreciation to each of you. To these talented, truly gorgeous women that made this happen. Thank you to each of you. I am grateful, unbelievably so.

A sneak peek at all the pretty... and
much, much love to:

-Marisa Holmes, photographer extraordinaire
-Jennifer Bueno, make-up and stylist genuis
-Amber Principe, model for her pretty, pretty beauty
-Meghan McCann, model for her stunning, stunning allure

{ Amber Principe in Plum Pretty Sugar new Lilac print
photographed by Marisa Holmes }

{ Meghan McCann in Plum Pretty Sugar Beckoning Creatures robe photographed by Marisa Holmes }

{ Amber Principe in Plum Pretty Sugar Beckoning Creatures scarfband and tank photographed by Marisa Holmes }

{ Meghan McCann in Plum Pretty Sugar new Lilac print tunic photographed by Marisa Holmes }

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Kellie Collis said...

Your fabrics are delightful! xx

The Zhush said...

Such great images, such a great team...that lilac print tunic is calling my name!

Sandra said...

Wonderful pictures! Amber is such a beauty! xoxo

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Your pieces are gorgeous! xoxo

Design Darling said...

i just found your shop via ada & darcy and absolutely adore your products and photography. i added you to my favorite sellers on etsy and will definitely stay tuned!

Shirin said...

what gorgeous photos! The girls, the clothes, the light - all for feminine and free-spirited and pretty and nice... really lovely.

Krissy said...

The photos and garments are beautiful, which is why I could not help myself not to make a purchase today! I can't wait to get the lovely top/dress and matching headband! I just hope I look as amazing as those women do in the photos :)

Im thinking I may become a regular here :)

bonafidebride said...

I love it all! the photography actually does the garments justice, if that is possible.

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