The Story

There was an interview the other day. A question. A question about a sense of story. About where it came from for Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie... and how all the pieces came to fit together. It was a sweet, sweet interview and I thought nothing about the question at the time. 

And then, deep in the "bulletin board" of my computer where saved are images, quotes and all kinds of information, did I realize was the answer to that interview question. Scroll after scroll, the images came together in different collections, different seasons, in color palettes and with a situation, an environment, an energy. That within the seeming randomness was a clear theme complete with back stories and a future directive. Ah!

And so I share a few of these images, the answer to that question. The story, the pieces that have given this little Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie life... (and more to come!) Some of them obvious, some of them much less so. 

These, two separate images from two separate unknown sources. But a story. About the ease of glamour, of fashion that is thoughtful and intelligent. With a vibrancy and an energy and a sense of emotion. With a palette in color and with so much beauty.



alexkeller said...

absolutely gorgeous

kerri said...

Beautiful photos and so beautifully stated. ;)

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