Snuggle Factor

The pieces that have given this little brand life... so, so many things! Here a little bit more of the back story... a continuation of sorts... on an original post.

These little photos are about texture. About photographing it, about its importance in selling, in marketing and in branding. And while I can't remember the sources (forgive me!), I do remember the snuggle factor and the instant feeling these images brought to mind. Their success in portraying a texture, a softness that would be important. And while certainly Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie is a lot less fluffy, the element of immediate textural understanding is an inspiration.

Ah! Sweet, fluffy inspiration.

(And oh, some Behind the Scenes video footage of a recent photo shoot too!)


Minds Eye

 east west spring fall / oil on 8 canvas' / Astrid Preston

The landscape of the minds eye. The idea of one what person sees in an image, a print, a pattern, art. It was just that concept that somehow rolled around in my thoughts... not quite a finalized idea, but something there ...awaiting a conclusion of some kind.

It has been nearly a month since I was introduced to Astrid Preston at Craig Krull Gallery in Bergamot Station. Sweet friends and I took a jaunt over for a look and for a hello to the kind and so very talented Kelly, who works at the gallery.

I recognized Preston's path. That in these gorgeous landscapes she asked us to look closer, look deeper, see past the flora, the foliage and into the abstraction, the emptiness past all the fullness. The contradiction between empty and full. The lush... and the simultaneous bare. The outside versus the inside. The book versus its cover. The beautiful polarity.

And while I thought through Astrid's art, the telling of her minds eye, my thoughts, my eye, went immediately to the beauty of the pattern, the flora, the color. I imagined the patterns repeated across a larger landscape and where a flower and a branch might be cut and sewn, designed and made into something beautiful. I imagined 'east west spring fall' and 'wild spring' transformed into fabric and beautifully crafted, draped about a robe, a tunic. Beauty to live in. 

Grateful for the minds eye. And talent and inspiration such as Astrid Preston.

 woven memories / oil on linen / Astrid Preston

wild spring / oil on linen / Astrid Preston

Window World

It was last month when I shared 'The Story,' a little blog post regarding the back story... the bulletin board within my computer that unknowingly and so sweetly (and with so much surprise!) comes together and gives this brand life. A theme.

That bulletin board is jam-packed... and here I share just a little bit more. Images saved and another theme... windows! Separated by months and sometimes years, these gorgeous images all feature windows! Unknowingly I have collected their lightness, their brightness, their sheerness. 

And so it makes sense, this back story. Light, freshness, and that airy sheer feel is so important to this little Plum brand. Windows... the representation.


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