Snuggle Factor

The pieces that have given this little brand life... so, so many things! Here a little bit more of the back story... a continuation of sorts... on an original post.

These little photos are about texture. About photographing it, about its importance in selling, in marketing and in branding. And while I can't remember the sources (forgive me!), I do remember the snuggle factor and the instant feeling these images brought to mind. Their success in portraying a texture, a softness that would be important. And while certainly Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie is a lot less fluffy, the element of immediate textural understanding is an inspiration.

Ah! Sweet, fluffy inspiration.

(And oh, some Behind the Scenes video footage of a recent photo shoot too!)



Andrea @ Andrea Reh said...

What a pretty pretty blog - I feel like I recognise some of these designs from Ada & Darcy... am I right?

Would love it if you could stop by my blog sometime.

Andrea x

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