Window World

It was last month when I shared 'The Story,' a little blog post regarding the back story... the bulletin board within my computer that unknowingly and so sweetly (and with so much surprise!) comes together and gives this brand life. A theme.

That bulletin board is jam-packed... and here I share just a little bit more. Images saved and another theme... windows! Separated by months and sometimes years, these gorgeous images all feature windows! Unknowingly I have collected their lightness, their brightness, their sheerness. 

And so it makes sense, this back story. Light, freshness, and that airy sheer feel is so important to this little Plum brand. Windows... the representation.



Kelly Berkey said...

love! xo

TakeCatLeaveSweater said...

Love the concept!

BTW I found you through the Blake Shelton music video. I ad to find out who made that robe! :-)

Keep up the great work.

Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie said...

Thanks so much guys! So sweet of you!

TakeCatLeaveSweater... we love the video too!


ChloƩ Mae said...

love! my fave thing in my loft are the huge windows, and one day i hope to have anyone of these leading out to a giant balcony!

stop by and leave a note! :)


tina said...

photos are great!

Anna Walker said...

I love windows that let in a lot of natural light! They make any room much prettier

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