Sexy Eve

Just in time for New Years Eve, the second installment of our new Plum List!

This time a few things we think are hard to pass up for a sexy New Years Eve spent in. Alone or with a loved one, these pretties are girly, glam fun. And with a Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie robe... ah!

Wishing you the happiest New Year.

{ Featuring } :
 ~Fragrance by Yosh at B-Glowing 
 ~Diamonds at Deborah Mellen
 ~Lingerie by Zinke at Faire Frou Frou
 ~Seating at Shop AD
 ~Heels by Miu Miu at Net A Porter


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Anonymous said...

amazing! Such stunning picks!

AliveintheFire said...

This is SUPER sexy! Love it.
-Rachel @ Alive in the Fire

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