Genie Suprise

Days in Bali are filled with color. Blooms, ocean, sky. People, stories, journeys. Print, pattern, style.

And a little surprise. A genie pant amidst the color. A style unexpected but such a pleasure to see. A sweet coincidence... yes, yes the genie pant is a new silhouette for this little brand.

In Bali... on the beaches, worn as a cover up, the legs pulled high beneath the knees, a bikini on top and perhaps a layered necklace or two. On the streets, legs pulled down, a Moroccan sandal and a fitted tank. In all kinds of prints, batik, mainly but versatile chic.

The genie pant. Pleasure in Bali for this new silhouette.

A little video too.


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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip!

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