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There's been talk here and there... around and about... regarding dreams. Dreams that move us. Dreams that see truth. Dreams that make us who we are. Here, the first of several. A little series. About dreams. About women. About business. Women that create, like this little Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie brand. From dreams.

Melissa Middleton, Founder of the new blog, Jenesequa is our first little feature. Melissa is truly lovely, an old friend and the sweetest soul.

In Life, in Business... in or or two words by Melissa Middleton: 
1. What drives you?  Life.
2. What do you love?  Being alive.
3. What do you not love?  Negativity.
4. What do you dream?  Life's pleasures.
5. What do you know?  The truth.
6. What do you prize?  My relationships.
7. What fulfills you? Passion.
8. Where do you go now? Day dreams.
9. Where have you been? Globe trotting.
10. One word?  Jenesequa.

And a few beautiful images representing Melissa.
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Anonymous said...


Paris in Pink said...

As a fellow daydreamer, I found this post stunning! Such beautiful (and dreamy!) images :) XOXO Paris in Pink

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog by random & I have to say, I love it..!

This post is simply gorgeous..!



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