Dream Business { II }

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Last week, the start of a new little series. About dreams. About women. About business. In one or two words, about life and the love of it all.

Kellie Collis, Founder of the very pretty Australian home and interiors boutique, Ada and Darcy and the popular blog of the same name, is our second feature. Kellie is stylishly adept at color, pattern and florals. She is also a Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie retailer and a favorite friend in the gorgeous land "down under."

In Life, in Business... in or or two words by Kellie Collis: 
1. What drives you?  Personal expectations.
2. What do you love?  Color.
3. What do you not love?  Failure.
4. What do you dream?  Vivid color.
5. What do you know?  My goals.
6. What do you prize?  Success.
7. What fulfills you? Business milestones.
8. Where do you go now? Grow.
9. Where have you been? Insecurities.
10. One word? Passion. 

And a few beautiful images representing Kellie.
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Anonymous said...

this is really pretty

Anonymous said...

love the balloon!

brokenproject said...

Beautiful photos, and the way they were put together is just so sweet. It makes me smile : )
Have a good day! XO

Kellie Collis said...

Gorgeous hat! And that chair is really pretty! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

Felicity said...

It was so interesting to read this post about Kellie.
Following her blog, she exudes style and grace so to read her one word responses which give insight into her business persona added depth to my understanding of her.

Thank you for sharing,

felicity x

laura said...

Just come over from Kellies blog, what a lovely way to showcase clever and inspirational women! Love it!
Laura x

Diana said...

Love your answers Kellie and the beautiful photos. :) Smart Woman.

Charlotta Ward said...

Gorgeous post about Kellie and fantastic series. Great questions - such a nice way to get to know your readers better.
Truly enjoyed this.

x Charlotta

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