Wedding Season

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With the approach of Spring comes a favorite time of year. Wedding season. The joy of love and couples uniting brings so much lovely fun and sweet happiness.

Here, a gorgeous (so incredibly stunning!) real-life bride in Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie (Darling Jardin Bleu robe) as photographed by Max Wanger, kicks of all the pretty bliss.

And imagining what a few of the other wedding details may be...

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To wedding season... and all the love.
{ More Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie real-life brides here: 1, 2 }

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Anonymous said...

That robe is fab!

hearttypat said...

these are gorgeous pictures! i love that great big white flower fascinator paired with her red lips! such a sophisticated look!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. You guys are on to something!

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