Cavalia White

 A trip to Cavalia last week brings extraordinary inspiration. Spectacular, a fairy-tale of beauty of sound, and the bond between humans and horses... magical and truly unprecendented.
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 And the inspiration... white. The beauty of its simplicity... and its complexity. Horses so beautiful. White and incredibly stunning. A color that isn't, but is.

And so it gives this Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie brand pause. For something white. A pattern in whites. Or perhaps a repeat. White on white, white with white, white underneath white. And with a nod to our little wedding business and a conversation, a request, for something white. Beauty for the bride to get ready in.

Much prettiness to think about.

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Anonymous said...

Great show! Great post too

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Do you offer the lace robe worn in the last photo?

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