Maternity Gift

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A shower last weekend. For a sweetest-ever girlfriend. With a little one to come oh-so-soon! And a gift for the mom-to-be... a perfect pink robe. For prettiness in the hospital and at-home cozy. Just thrilled Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie is a giftable present for moms-to-be.

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And pink pretties, edibles and lovelies to delight.

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Maternity, pregnancy, baby showers. Treats to indulge, and all the pink. Ah!

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Anonymous said...

congrats new mom

Lynndy - Creator - Owner said...
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Lynndy - Creator - Owner said...

Love this! I love love love your pictures and your products! I will be ordering a robe so that I feel beautiful in the hospital after having a c-section!

BLISS! said...

Oh, so soft and very very pretty!!

Loving the pictures.

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