Dream Business { IV }

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Earlier this year, a little series about women, dreams and the culmination of creating business. Inspirational women sharing their love, their heart and their sage sensibility. All in one or two words. 

The lovely Lisa James, Founder of b-glowing, the exquisite online retailer of all things independent and gorgeous in beauty, is the fourth feature. Lisa is a long-time friend, a colleague in a former business and currently carries this Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie brand. Lisa is wonderfully smart, engaging beyond words, and a companion on a trip to Paris several years ago. And... the best yet, a beautiful newlywed!

So many congratulations to Lisa on her sweet nuptials and her incredible, incredible b-glowing success!

In Life, in Business... in or or two words by Lisa: 
1. What drives you?  Passion.
2. What do you love?  Beauty products.
3. What do you not love?  Anger.
4. What do you dream?  Everything.
5. What do you know?  Love.
6. What do you prize?  Self-esteem.
7. What fulfills you? Joy.
8. Where do you go now? Moving forward.
9. Where have you been? To paradise.
10. One word? b-glowing.

And a few stunning images representing Lisa. 
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