Surf Spot

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Surf and beachy goodness filled this last weekend. Family, friends and loved ones. Happiness spent in bikinis, board shorts and perhaps a wetsuit or two.

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And a little Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie beach cover-up for the chill that still marks this year's Spring.
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Beach love. The season is just beginning!

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Anonymous said...

so much fun!

Quest for Fitness said...

First time at your blog, but it is ADORABLE. Great work.

vojacque said...

love the turquoise/print bottom bikini.

Jenn said...

Your blog and your Pinterest pins are my favorite. You have such an amazing eye for beautiful things. Love today's surf post. Gorgeous.


spearmint baby said...

thanks so much for visiting Let me know if interested in giving away a robe to one of our Mama readers on xo, shari

Anonymous said...

Even reckoning makes long friends.

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