Dream Business { V }

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The fifth episode of our little series. About dreams. About women. About business. In one or two words, about life and the love of it all.

This installment features the ever-talented, swoon-worthy savvy, Oh How Charming Weddings and Events Creative Designer, Lisa Vorce. A very special friend of this Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie brand, Lisa is beyond-words adept at setting trends for luxury wedding and event styling. Her ideas and inspirations are the seed of wedding themes and schematics the globe-over. A regular in Martha Stewart Weddings and Town and Country Magazines, Lisa has literally changed the wedding industry and is the leader is planning and styling within the luxury wedding market.

In Life, in Business... in or or two words by Lisa Vorce:  
1. What drives you?  Adventure.
2. What do you love?  Authenticity.
3. What do you not love?  Conflict.
4. What do you dream?  Perfection.
5. What do you know?  Integrity.
6. What do you prize?  Lola!
7. What fulfills you? Accomplishment.
8. Where do you go now? Forward.
9. Where have you been? Discovering.
10. One word? Grace.

And a few beautiful images representing Lisa. The very weddings she has so exquisitely designed and styled.

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Enchanting- all of it!

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