Rosemary's Children

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A few weeks back on a sunny Friday afternoon in Bradbury, CA, a little luncheon. A kind luncheon. To benefit a special charity, Rosemary Children's Services. 
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One of the oldest West Coast charities, Rosemary Children’s Services helps boys and girls of all ages who have suffered abuse, neglect and abandonment. Its programs include a Foster Family and Adoption Agency, which helps nearly 400 children annually.

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It was such a lovely, sweet day and this little Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie brand is so very thrilled to have been a part of the silent auction and all of the fun. A toast to it's success and the dedication of all the amazing women who made it so! 

And goodness... the details of the event were so heavenly and perfectly feminine! Just up this little brand's alley!

For more information on Rosemary Children's Services, please click here.

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so nice.

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beautiful pictures said...

I love these pictures and the pastel colors. Beautiful! I love your site too - the name is so pretty!
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