Dream Business { VI }

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The sixth episode of our little entrepreneur series. A sweet favorite that is all about dreams and the life and love of women... in one or two words. About this thing we call business.

The so very lovely Miss Tristan B. of the new Besotted Brand. Tristan is a dear friend, a colleague in so many ways and the most creative, witty and oh-so pretty girl around. Her new Besotted Brand was born of a love of craftsmanship. Miss B., as she is affectionately known, has built her fine design emporium on being in love all the time and with too many things. As proprietress of the Besotted creative seas, she says... "too many to list, but a few if you insist" (click here).

In Life, in Business... in or or two words by Miss Tristan Brando:  
1. What drives you?  Beauty.
2. What do you love?  Life + Love.
3. What do you not love?  Hate.
4. What do you dream?  Adventure.
5. What do you know?  Risk.
6. What do you prize?  Sleep + Puppies!
7. What fulfills you? Being creative.
8. Where do you go now? The stars.
9. Where have you been? City of Angels.
10. One word? Authentic.

And a few delightful images representing Miss B. Served up and taken, by her truly talented self. Miss B... you are truly, truly such an incredible inspiration! 

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Anonymous said...

Oh my lovely!

Miss B. said...

Oh how lucky am I?! Thank you Miss Charlotte I shall post the link:)

www.StarHughes.com said...

These are gorgeous photos and such a neat interview too!
Star Hughes Living

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