Bachelorette Party

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Such a treat for this Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie brand a few weeks ago! A really pretty treat! And so truly grateful to be included.

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You see, 100 Layer Cake was a sweet little article about bachelorette parties. Lovely ideas for a spa party for brides and their maids. And their in the midst of the lovely was a Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie robe. So soft and such a happy thing to be included with such fantastic and so talented, girls and businesses.

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Featuring One Love Organics, Becky and Erika and shot by Bonnie Tsang, it depicts what a fun and sweet idea a bachelorette spa party might be. 

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And goodness... we couldn't agree more! Now how do we transport ourselves to all this lovely? 

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With so many kind congratulations to all the new and soon-to-be brides! Sending wishes for love and sweet, sweet happiness.

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Anonymous said...

a great idea!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Any party with pink peonies is perfection for me! :)

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