Gorgeous Girls

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Gorgeous girls, shine-y sun and a few new Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie Lil' Getting Ready Dresses made for lots of happy fun yesterday. The fabulous Lane Dittoe, Katie Mueller and Libby Ruth Green helped create the mood and... voila... a styled shoot!

Here a few of the models (from their lookbooks) we so enjoyed working with! There is so much pretty to share from this shoot. Golly, just can't wait to show it all to you!

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Anonymous said...

had a great time working with you!

Pili said...

Can't wait to see even more goodies! More to choose from for some self-present for my b-day next month!

romwe said...

drooping eyelids so enchanting,haunting actually such pretty face!!Adore specially!!Thanks for your inspiring updates


I've been saving that top photo. Isn't it gorgeous? Totally makes me think of what my September at the beach will be like :)

Hope you're having a wonderful Labor Day weekend! xoxo

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