Spanish Vacation

It is always so lovely to hear from you. Your stories and your kindness fill our world with dreams, wishes and overwhelming happiness. Carina recently sent us a beautiful email detailing an intimate vacation to Spain. In a gorgeous villa nestled between the mountains and the sea, a trip so enjoyable she didn't want to leave. 

Alas, a little bit of pretty, a memory or two that brings her back to those magnificent wonderful weeks... Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie! The tunic and robe and lounge pants she wore and wore on her trip... are still with her. Says Carina, when she wraps herself in the swath of her ankle length robe and dons her tunic and lounge pants, she is taken back. To those moments, in Spain.

Here images as we imagine them.


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Anonymous said...

oooooooooooo... yes, yes!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Take me there NOW por favor!!! Absolutely gorgeous. I heart Spain.

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