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Recently Utterly Engaged Magazine interviewed Charlotte Mills, our sweet Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie Founder and Creative Director. A feature that filled us with true delight and a pleasure for which we are so very grateful. Here, the interview. We so hope you find it lovely too!

My name is: Charlotte Mills
// I've been doing it for: A few sweet years.

// I'm good at: Pretty things.

// My work is inspired by: subtle moments... that little space before we fall asleep, journeys
   taken, love traveled, ocean, art, flowers.

// My biggest accomplishment is: Happiness.

// My worst fear is: Love lost. 

// If I had all the money in the world: Oh my gosh... I think it is still about happiness, 
   contentedness. Peace.

// I believe: In kindness. Sweetness. The innate karma of it all. 

An incredible blessing to be included in the magazine. To see this interview directly, please give a little click {here}.
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