One Evening

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There is a pleasure... a true, true enjoyment in receiving stories from you. The bliss we feel about how Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie has been a part of your life fills us with deep gratitude and joie de vivre. 

Here we share Elizabeth's story. A romantic, beguiling tale about a trip traveled and a few unexpected words from a new beau

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You see, there amidst water, ocean and sand, in a beach house one evening, Elizabeth wrapped in a Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie robe and cami dress, he uttered those three little words.

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Thank you for sharing your story Elizabeth. It's enchantment is so very lovely!

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Anonymous said...

those are so pretty!


Beautiful story and photos! Have a wonderful weekend :)

Lauren said...

Hello! Was wondering if the robe here is the Beckoning Creatures print??

Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie said...

Hi Lauren! Thanks so much for getting in touch.Yes, the robe recently featured at OnceWed is our Beckoning Creatures robe :)


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