Nina's Leap

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Hi beauties! It's Nina!

What kind of leap did you take for 2012? We have been so very lucky to be granted with an extra day this year!

I was thankful that I got to spend mine with my mother and some very beautiful people at the Utterly Engaged Leap Year 2012 Party!  It was a really enjoyable evening spending time with all the lovely ladies and friends of this Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie brand. Although, I must admit I did keep finding myself sneaking back to the dessert table. My mother, who was my date to the event, also had the same "problem."

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After filling ourselves up with one too many delicious sweets, we made our rounds to many exquisite tables. My goodness! So very much talent in one room! We spent time at each time enjoying all the hard work and pretty. each time you looked there was something new and fun to see!

So lovely to see each one of these talented ladies. And... Happy Leap Year!

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Anonymous said...

sounds so fun!

Ebony Robinson said...

I was at the Utterly Engaged Leap Year Party...I wish I would've had the pleasure of meeting you. I too had the same problem at the dessert table. I still think about the macaroons and delish marshmallow squares. YUM!

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