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Hello beauties! It's Nina! If you haven't heard we just introduced our newest collection from Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie, Castelbel & Trumpet. And a few months ago when Charlotte  (our Founder and Creative Director) previewed the final pieces live and in beautiful color, I could not wait for it to be launched so I could share it's gorgeous-ness with everyone! My first thought when I saw the final garments... "How could I get my hands on each and every single piece?... Immediately!" 

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It is such a unique and stunning collection for which Charlotte spent so much time perfecting! There are so many lovely details to these new pieces. These are not your ordinary robes or dresses but pieces that transport you to a beautiful world of lounge and pretty!

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I hope you all just adore this new Castelbel & Trumpet collection like I do! Between robes for brides and bridesmaids which I'll be celebrating and upcoming birthday's, I'll be shopping all these pieces the minute I can. And perhaps something for myself too!

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