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Hello beauties! It has been some time since I checked in. There has been so much busy happiness! But, a little bit about a weekend a way I was lucky enough to take.I got to spend the day in Napa with my lovely boyfriend. 

Before heading out, I made sure to check the weather to see what outfit I should wear. The weather was sweet and perfect so I decided to go with a Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie outfit!  I narrowed it down to the Beckoning Creatures Maxi Dress with a Darling Jardin Bleu sash to tie around my waste (I used the blue sash from my Darling Jardin Bleu robe). It turned out to be wonderfully fitting for the occasion!

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Our first stop of the day was by far the best sandwich shop I have ever been to! It was at Giugni W F & Son Grocery Co in St. Helena. Two words: Giugni Juice. If you go there you will know what I am talking about! After a delicious meal we made it to the beautiful Del Dotto Winery! Such aunique wine tasting experience because you taste straight from all the barrels in a historic hand dug cave built in 1885. I highly recommend this tour for anyone that takes a trip to Napa! This place is so stunning that it would even make for a beautiful rehearsal dinner or a great place for a reception!

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Until next time. Happy travels to each of you!

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